Unique Dwelling Modern of Victorian House with Bold Current Architecture

There is a home where the house features with recent extension minimalist design that created by a passion with high craftsmanship and art. St Vincents Place Residence is another name of this house where local practice B.E architecture was the designer. At the picture above, the dinning space is filled with natural light from large transparent windows wall. By using the raw edge table and stylish wooden armchair complete this dinning room.

Dinning Room done with Cool Furniture

This time, coming with the chic entrance hall. the several mirror decorating the white wall with the wooden dresser and some decorative things on there. The entrance way designed with some mosaic glass decoration and gives the stunning reflection into the mirror and those all are an enough entrance design with stunning decoration.

Entry Way with Mosaic Glass and Art Decoration Mirror

House Architecture with Victorian Modern in Bold Style

The special thing about this bathroom is the use of grey stones for walls and flooring using the same material. There, the black neutral shower and the large windows that lead directly to the swimming pool at the other side. As you can see at the picture above, this bathroom would makes you feel so comfortable.

Gorgeous View for Modern Bathroom

Another interior of this house that using the plywood and some metal cabinet curved lines for kitchen island. This living space has an open layout to the outside with the large windows transparent blue shade curtains. The white ceilings with the spot lights beautify this kitchen in simple way.

Kitchen with Plywood and Metal Curved Design

At the picture above, there is the swimming pool with the indoor and outdoor style. This pool using the grey stone for the walls and the floor. There is single large pole there that could be functioned as the decoration for this outdoor space. the black staircase with the holder is connecting the ground floor to the upstairs. While, there is the plants at the corner of the space with some soil ground there.

Outdoor-Indoor Swimming Pool

Victorian Style with Bold Modern House Architecture

Coming with the quite large of living space. this one full filled with furniture and some decorative stuff. The grey navy sectional sofa fill this space with the single white armchair at the corner. The black fire place looks suitable with the hanging white piece at the ceilings. The large picture decorating the white walls match with the high grey curtain and single potted plant at the other corner.

Stylish Living Room with Hanging Piece

The exterior of this house applied the grey color with the wooden for some part. The lines structure looks so outstanding and suitable for this bold Victorian house. This residence actually has the extension part that would let you have a bigger house there.

Unique Dwelling of Victorian House with Bold Current Architecture