Unique House with Split Flooded Architecture in Natural Light

The special thing about this one called as Push-Pull house and created by London architecture studio Cullinan Studio. The residence that made from a cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure that designed by the collaboration of timber specialists Eurban. The different levels are connect each other and each is filled with natural light from open transparent roof. The large shelve through the wall decorating the interior beautifully.

Interior Natural Light in Wooden Floor and White Roof

At the picture above, the diagonal roof give the best highlighting look for the interior kitchen house. This kitchen is glazed with the built-in light is across the roof while the cabinet is done is sleek and quite chic in calm grey color on the laminate wooden floor. The other side, the glass transparent kitchen wall beautify the interior look and give another natural light inside.

Kitchen Cabinet Done in Simple White Diagonal Design

Modern House Architecture with Split Ideas

Here come the exterior look for split house with the large windows and glazed walls with the red brick and black wooden architecture. This house has the stunning front side garden with the open transparent glass wall at the other side of the house. The choosing of brick wall color give the fresh look that suitable with the trees around the house.

Large Window with Glazed Exterior Design

When you see this house interior, you will find a lot of book shelve in large size. Mostly, this house done in white color with the combination of grey laminate wooden floor. As you can see there, the staircase give the hidden functional storage under it. This interior house is done with modern design and an open space with the built-in furniture.

Open Space with Functional Storage Interior Look

Split Flooded House with Unusual Architecture

The main entry way of this house created in stunning look. The cool glass bubble of pendant lamps with the large storage shelve that functioning as the room divider. The grey laminate wooden floor complete the interior look for entryway beautifully.

Stunning Entryway for Shelves Interior Decor

This house has the symmetrical main form that has been split into two and turn into the entrance hall and staircase for the interior. When you see this house from the outside view, you will find the twin house that joined into one building by the small joiner in the middle. The use of red brick wall exterior makes the ending look so adorable and fresh.

Unique House with Split Flooded Architecture in Natural Light