Unique Look for Cave House in Cordoba Hills with Recent Architecture

When you choose to mixing your house with the cave element, the important thing that you have to use is concrete. The recent house designed specially by UMMO Estudio and located in Cordoba Hills, Spain. Here came as the awesome look for the cave house that have the unique and special design. the cave elements looks so stand out perfectly against the stark white concrete wall and makes the ending look as a bold contrast. The cave element coming with the earthy colors that would blend beautifully as color palette house interior.

Bold Constrast Between Cave Element and White Walls

The interior house also applied for the bedroom decoration. the bed that complete with the canopy and some complementary furniture made the natural wood looks stands right next to the living room in the open layout. The single wooden desk looks blending naturally with the cave element there on the dark grey floor.

Canopy Bed with Stone Wall Interior give Natural Look Decor

Modern Architecture for Unusual Cave House

The picture above, the architects using the fresh type for the dinning room. the colorful cushions on the elongated sofa seat on wooden framed bench. The higher wooden table with the wooden low stools looks so adorable with the cave element for walls and ceilings interior.

Colorful Dinning Space with Lower Wooden Stools

Another look for the kitchen interior coming with the single windows allows plenty of natural light to get the natural light comes in. This kitchen appear in the white color theme that meets the browny color for the table and mixing floor. Those all looks suitable with the cave element for the addition for interior decoration.

Minimalist Kitchen with Little Cave Stone Touches

As you can see above, the entryway designed in narrow space that could intimate in spite of the open plan. The use of white color walls gives the strong connection to the cave element to blend as one complexion. This house didn’t have to use the unnecessary furniture to fill up the space.

Narrow Entries for Open Layout Space

Cave House with Fresh  Design Architecture Elements

Take a look into the open living area that surrounded with natural stone formation for the walls and ceilings. there, the various textiles gives the sense of comfortable into the space. the simple white sectional sofa with the dark brown cushion with the stunning table makes this living room so adorable.

Open Living Area with Natural Stone Formations Interior

This dwelling located into the foothills of Sierra Morena where the modern house with an open layout design. the house with the spacious front yard and the curved way lead to the entry way of the house looks so dramatic and this one blend beautifully with nature surroundings. Just like the house interior, the exterior house is using the white color to give the contrast look there.

Unique Look for Cave House in Cordoba Hills with Recent Architecture