Unique Look for Old Stone House with Current Architecture

The conversion house coming with the ideas of design by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design. this house using the ancient stone as the main material and right located in the ancient city of Safed, Israel. At the picture, you will see the bathroom appear hidden in one space with bedroom. The use of frosted glass doors and the focal point is the original stone walls decor. The architecture using colored-light stone so any kind of furniture style and color.

Bathroom with Frosted Glass Door and Focal Point Look

At the picture above, the illuminated well and frosted glass doors functioning as the room divider between the bed space and bathroom. The simple white dresser with small sink looks so suitable with the rounded mirror. This kind of interior design always stunning in the eyes.

Bedroom with Curved Stone Interior and Hidden Glass Door Bath Space

Mixing Architecture Between Ancient Stone and Contemporary Design

Actually, this dwelling using the modern style architecture even with ancient stone as the decor. The interior lighting is using the hanging several bulbs in small size and the modern flair gives the attractive look for the interior. The staircase appear with the transparent screen holder that functioning as the protector yet makes the room keep simple.

Interior Design by Hanging Bulbs with Modern Flair

When you the room with the different angle, you will find the several stories with the narrow footage. there, the interior wall using the various type of stone walls. The rough one stone wall for the footage and the other one for the open living space. the dinning room set in minimalist way only using the single white elongated table with the small wooden benches.

Narrow Wooden Footage with Stone Walls

There, you will find the awesome look for this conversion house interior. The old stone one with the use of current materials and decorations. They are transparent glass at upstairs and the concrete floor with the light-colored wooden floor for upstairs. The simple open skylight ceiling makes this house really wonderful place with the mixing architecture design.

Old Stone Architecture House with Skylight Gloomy Decor

Wondrous Stone House with Conversion Into Modern One

From the upstairs view, you will find the several layers interact through the stairs. This view provide you the particular height ceiling from the hanging bulbs. The presence of various sofa makes this house looks stunning. With the stone walls interior. At the other side, the white floor decorating the upstairs to give the sense of clear and clean at the same time.

Several Layer Look for Interior House

Even this house is in the narrow space, you still get the wonderful view from inside of the house. The presence of skylights give more light then, the stone would looks too gloomy with the touch of natural lighting there. This home is the excellent example about how to preserve heritage ideas in recent way with the goals of comfortable and unique look.

Unique Look for Epic Stone House with Current Architecture

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