Unique Villa in Japan with Minimalist Four Leaves Architecture

This building is located in the middle of a forest in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture of Japan that has the rich natural environment at a mountain retreat 150 kilometers away from Tokyo. Four Leaves is another name of this villa that created by Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio. Here, the entrance courtyard with an ancer palmatum tree in the middle. The stunning landscape and this gravel in the yard. This house mostly done with wooden as the material for roof and wall exterior.

Adorable Look for Modern House Inspired by Japanese

There will be the spacious space in this house for living room and dinning room. they use the same color tone for the sectional sofa and arm chairs. The attic ceiling wooden with some bubble glass pendant lamps beautify this living space. the presence of sliding glass transparent door give the fresh look into this space on laminate wooden floor with the white walls.

Attic Roof with Pendant Bubble Living Room

Modern Four Leaves Looks Architecture Japan for An Attractive Villa

When you want some privacy space inside your house, this design should be yours. The upper floor that close to the roof features with a comfy single bench sofa furniture in navy color. this chair put on the corner and let the rest space is empty so you can feel relaxing without any other furniture fill up the space.

Comfy Reading Corner in Minimalist

This angle would makes you think that the house is like the fallen paper sheets. At the picture above is how the house looks from the upside with the curved roofs and they represents leaves. This house absolutely connect naturally to the nature around the residence in the middle of woodlands.

Curved Roof with Unusual Look

The arrangement of the roof are elevated above each other to make the unique ending look. At the picture above, the use of dark brown color looks so beautifully blend with nature trees around. While, the roofs give the special exterior look for this leaves architecture.

House with Modern and Japan Style

Unusual Villa Architecture with Four Leaves Looks Like

This residence have the shared bedroom that consist of two bed in one room. obviously, this bedroom has the single square wooden window with the white walls. The stunning wooden ceiling design also complete the interior. The use of creamy color suitable for the theme decoration in this bedroom.

Laconic Decor for Shared Bedroom

The golden color of lighting is totally beautify the exterior from the outside view. The unique look of this minimalist weekend house architecture stunning with the looks like of a pile of leaves and this one is inspired by the Japanese ideas. Each of roof has been designed as a ruled surface in straight laminated veneer lumber joists that organized continuously to give the geometric ending result.

Unique Villa in Japan with Minimalist Four Leaves Architecture