Unusual Look Architecture for Hill House with Minimalist Interior

Nature ideas always win for applied into the housing architecture. This time, this house is located in Big Sur, California and created by Carver and Schicketans. Here, the interior coming with the stylish look by using the smooth current type of stone flooring in creamy color. the single tree wood wood cut that functioning as the pole enrich the decoration interior with natural look there. The open glass wall perfectly connect the inside with the outside view.

Amazing View for Hill House Architecture

This house perfectly mixing the nature material to build the house. There, we could see that the house are made by the wooden and stone as the main material. The wooden was applied for the wall and roof design. while, the stone are applied for exterior needs for wall outdoor. By having this beautiful landscape, the wooden and stone design are perfectly suitable for this hill house style.

Beautiful Hill House Look for Modern Architecture

Unique Look for Hill Architecture with Modern Housing Ideas

When you this hill house from the different angle, you will see the front side is beautiful with the curved roof and an open glass wall with the thick and transparent type. There, the combination of glass, wooden and stone perfectly made this house architecture looks so natural yet wonderful. While, the outdoor using the classic furniture style to make the balance look in the end with the garden front side view.

Open Glass Wall Design for Hill Architecture Housing Ideas

Move into the furniture house that could be applied for interior and exterior usage. This time, the several white current type of armchair with the medium and small glass table match with the gray carpet on the stone floor. The unique shape for several pendant lamp in peach color makes the ceiling so adorable with the wooden design.

Play with Wooden Interior and Exterior House Architecture

At the other side of the house interior, you will find the wider space when using the stone wall that mix with the transparent glass wall. By this way, your living space interior would looks bigger than it suppose to be. The white sofa also makes the living room is comfortable with the minimalist furniture.

Rustic Minimalist Interior for Hill House Architecture

Hill House Architecture with Beautiful Landscape

The special thing about this hill house is the architect did not use the roof-tile for the top surface of the roof. While, the architect is using the flat roof and let the mini grass garden grow in the roof of the house. This way, makes the ending look of the hill house support the eco-system environment. This hill house decorate with the garden in front side with the classic look with outdoor furniture there.

Stone Brick Design Exterior Hill Architecture Housing

This unique house is using the hill as the ideas of architecture and the house is part of it. A big greenery roof cover the underground part of the house and make the continuing landscape for one side. The whole style of this hill house is minimalist with a lot of earthy color decoration such as wood, stone that brings the calmness sense for exterior or interior house.

Unusual Architecture for Hill House with Minimalist Interior