Unusual Look for Alpine House Architecture with Timber and Stone Design

This time, the renovation project coming from the restoration of a set of stone ruins. Rocco Borromini finished this Scandinavian design that located in the northern Italy, adjacent to the Alps, the dwelling offers sweeping scenery across the pictureque landscape. As you can see there, the interior give the intimate spaces to ensure a warm and inviting sense. The laminate wooden and high wooden marble sink makes this bathroom looks so adorable in minimalist way.

A Warm and Inviting Atmosphere for Bathroom

The living room appear in simple way under the staircase. The ground level using luserna stone as the material, emphasizing a continuity between internal and external space. the single height back sofa armchair looks so suitable with the simple fireplace built-in there.

Ground Level Interior House with Simple Stone Look

Alpine House with Stunning Stone Architecture

When you this house from different outside angle, the house is the restoration of stone ruins with the mixing of wood as the exterior. The extra outdoor space for wooden balcony is the excellent way to modernize this mountain cottage. The golden lighting with the large windows always mesmerizing to see from the outside.

Modern Mountain Cottage with Restoration of Stones

The bedroom designed specially with the picturesque landscape and the large triangle windows give the path way to the natural light inside. There, the architect using the pale timbers throughout the windows that functioning as the curtain when it is needed. The triangle wood ceilings and floor with the white color bed theme looks so suitable and comfy.

Pale Timber as Part of Interior

As you can see at the picture above, the interiors coming with the recent and minimalist furniture. The white kitchen cabinet for countertop and backsplash appear without the holder and only take a small space there. The rustic touches with the large transparent glass windows walls complete this stunning kitchen in simple way.

Rustic Touches for Current Minimalist Interior

Attractive Mountain Cottage with Stone Architecture

As the mountain cottage, this house has the outdoor garage for the car that using the outdoor tile floor there. The presence of two existing stone walls gives the look of minimalist design exterior that connected with the reinforced concrete slab. The architect keep the yard in thin grass type to give the greenery views that suitable for the outdoor nature floor.

Stunning Stone Exterior House

The Alps have the different level of ground even for the outdoor. The garage in the upper level while the main entryway in the lower one. Almost all the doors coming with the large windows walls and some foot step stones that lead to the main door. The upper storey including the new facade and roof is made from the wood and it looks so nice in the eyes.

Unusual Look for Alpine House with Timber and Stone