Unusual Residence for Jungle House with Rooftop Infinity Pool Architecture

The house that designed by the brilliant ideas architecture coming with the rooftop swimming pool. At you can see at the picture, the house is located in a coastal rainforest in Sao Paulo state and designed by Brazilian office Studio MK27 architecture. The open layout for wooden deck is shaded for kids play area. Then, the presence of large swimming pool complete this terrace in wide space. at this terrace, you will have the spacious wooden deck that using the certain furniture so that the simple design are applied here.

Area for Kids with Shaded Wooden Deck

This dwelling mostly designed in open layout with the open living space. the living room using the vertical wooden desk for the floor, walls and ceiling in the same direction. The architect designed this house with the open balcony that has the same level ground with the swimming pool. The outdoor dinning set complete this open living space in stunning way with the extra roof there.

Balconie Facing Forest with the Stunning Look

Residence in Unique Ideas with Rooftop Infinity Pool Design

Another side for this open layout wooden deck coming in minimalist way with fresh look. The several level that complete this house landscape beautifully blend with greenery nature around. The presence of transparent screen timber at the edge of the house makes this wooden deck got some decorating in simple way while the screen functioning as the protector.

House with Several Level Landscape Design

Actually, this house has the wooden deck around the residence with an extra space for each side. As you can see there, the extra wooden deck almost touches the trees around the house. While, the exterior house applied the harsh wooden roof and walls with the rounded window there.

House with Wooden Desk Around

Outstanding Upper Side Pool for Jungle House Architecture

The architect using the golden color-light for the wooden as the material. At the picture, the extra wooden deck complete this living area with a bit sunken to diminish its scale. The medium rounded wooden pool decorating this wooden deck beautiful way and blend perfectly with nature surroundings.

Living Area Wooden Floor with Bit Sunken Diminish Scale

At the other side of this outdoor jungle house, there is the open layout for living and TV room. there, the architect totally opened to the outdoor and facing directly with the jungle around. The double lounge complete this outdoor pool decoration.

Open Layout for Living and TV Room

The house is located right in the middle of the rainforest with the awesome rooftop pool architecture. The architect want to maximize the connection between the nature landscape and the house architecture by constructed the upper side floor with the swimming pool. The purpose of the upper floor coming with the glazed box with the overhanging roof where the kitchen, dinning room and lounge are in one floor.

Unusual Residence for Jungle House with Rooftop Infinity Pool Architecture