Urban Lifestyle Idea House for Two Separate Building Architecture

This building consist of a wood house and a black cabin that constructed by Chilean architecture firm Umwelt. This time, the house designed as the best escape for holiday from the stressing city. There are two building with different description later. The main space of this house is an open layout that consist of dinning room, kitchen and living room. then, there is inside balcony at the second beautifully complete the interior house.

An Open Layout for Dinning, Kitchen and Living Room

When you see this interior part in detail, you will find the balcony consist of home office and library at once. Absolutely, the narrow space are applied up there. The simple wooden book shelve with the floating desk for minimalist home office are done in earthy color scheme. While, there is small skylights open roof in the middle that give another lighting inside the house.

Balcony with Home Office and Library

Modern House with Two Separate Building Ideas

As you can see at the picture above, the second building constructed from wooden black exterior that extended modern cabin style. This building is designed specially for guests or renters that lies on the 32 square maters. This cabin features with large glass, small kitchen, lounge and bathroom on the lower floor. The cube that shaped this cabin look suitable with the modern architecture exterior.

Outside Look for Black Structure Building

The second building of this house as the extended terrace that applied the wood as the exterior floor. While the use of large glass transparent wall exterior still applied there. This building absolutely eye-catching in minimalist black design. the wide space that would let you feel comfortable.

Outstanding Look for Front Side House

Separate Building in Black House Architecture

For looking this house from different outside angle, the main one building is the primary while the second building for guest and renters. The main house lies on the 130 square meters and have two-storey addition that forming L shaped then creating a triangle outdoor design. this house exterior applied the brown wooden decoration for ground and up floor.

Two Different Building in Modern House Architecture

The contemporary look of this house would dominate all at once. The urban lifestyle that combine with natural environment are the things that inspired this house architecture. The greenery house design looks so suitable with the landscape of this surroundings. The black and browny color decoration theme always win the design.

Urban Lifestyle for Two Separate Building Architecture