Uzbekistan Traditional Architecture Ideas Encouraged by Mountain House

This house architecture coming with the ideas of landscape mountain that serve the natural topography of the site. This country house located in the G’azalkent mountain area. While many areas in Uzbekistan have been regeneration, but few of them were still in traditional look and this house is one of it.built by ARC Architects, this house quite small with nine sixty square maters in total. The outdoor furniture of this house using the classic type with the fire bowl modern one on the creamy pale stone floor and the simple black fence around the place.

Ample Terraces with Gorgeous Mountain View using Modern Furniture

The using of local stone mined through out this house as the main building material. As you can see at the picture above, the outdoor side of this house is use the wooden for the ceiling and some spot lights to light up the space. then, the dinning set is decorated classically with the small bench and an open outdoor stone brick wall as the natural windows. At the other side, the presence of the swimming pool is located on the lower ground and it beautifully decorated this house architecture while still using the same stone design.

Concrete Furniture with Outdoor Mountain View Dinning Set Furniture

Beautifully Mountain House with Uzbekistan Traditional Architecture

The interior house almost done in minimalist design. the simple black sofa with creamy cushions and the small elongated red rustic carpet makes this living space so friendly. The wooden ceiling still win the design by using the track light and it is suitable to make the simple interior. The transparent glass wall designing to give the fresh and wider look inside your space with the help of gray curtains there.

Hidden Storage with Modern Living Space Interior

This limited interior space house, could be designing in smart way for each room. the kitchen cabinet with the wooden countertop and backsplash is the best way to use. While, the simple wooden stairs are suitable with the kitchen and ceilings.the half side of the wall using stone brick wall enrich the art look of this house interior. The smooth creamy pale stone for flooring is match with the environment of this Uzbekistan architecture.

Interior House Inspired By Mountain Ideas

An open outdoor view of this house architecture makes you directly see the mountain scenery from your place. The fire bowl outdoor furniture is suitable with the balcony and the dark color theme decoration. this side of balcony did not have the roof to cover up while the other one is already have. The dramatic look from this house architecture enrich the nature accent.

Open Terraces with Panoramic View in Natural Light

Combining Traditional Uzbekistan with Nature Architecture House

The architect accidentally let the big trees grew up surrounded this house. By this way, the nature sense is strong while you still have the beautiful environment around you. At the lower ground of this house, the architect add some light to brighten up the stone brick wall around the swimming pool.

Swimming Poll Outdoor with Inner Light and Trees

This kind of house architecture only use the flat roof. While, the garage is using the wooden ceiling to store your car there. At the other side, the garden could be design naturally by giving the two hole of soil and let the plants grew on there. This house has the awesome view that you can never feel boring to spend your time with beloved people here.

Uzbekistan Architecture with Traditional Mountain House


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