Variant Excellent Design for Bathroom with Minimalist Decoration Idea

Here come as the eye-catching bathroom with modern design that will blow your minds. The simple bathroom in limited space that using the green plant as the main concern of decoration. the bathroom using the minimalist bathtub size in white color. Then, use the piece board of the wood for placing the things there such as faucet, shampoo and soap. At the other side, there is small enough bench to put others too.

Beautiful Artwork Decoration with Greeny and Minimalist Bathroom Design

Let’s get another shot for bathroom ideas. This time, the bathroom using the bright purple color as the eye-catching part that mixed with the grey ceramic decor. This kind of interior bathroom decoration absolutely perfect for applied in the limited space. the using of interior in this Bohemian bathroom is focus on the furniture that using the ceramic for the purpose of long lasting.

Birght Purple Bohemian Style for Bathroom Ideas

Beautifully Designed for Bathroom Ideas with Greeny Theme

Another stunning look for limited bathroom space is the using of minimalist furniture interior and their placement. This bathroom has the diagonal roof that you may have to bow a little bit for some side in there. The chic floor pattern in black and white. Here, we could have an open space by using the two windows at the diagonal roof that would makes your bathroom is not dark.

Boho Look for the Fresh Limited Bathroom Space

Actually, we should not always using the bathroom design that people commonly have but we could refresh the bathroom design in simple way. This bathroom using the bold navy bathtub with the single sofa chair and the medium standing mirror there. Behind the bathtub, there are several hanging picture frames and the transparent shower bath. This placement of furniture makes the interior looks elegant with the unique pendant lamp hanging on there.

Elegant Bathroom Furniture with the Pendant Lamp and Stunning Wall Decoration

Wonderful to See Your Bathroom with Fresh Design Ideas

This wonderful look for simple bathroom is using the reusable combination to fill the interior. The modern bathroom is using the basket rattan furniture for some part. They are like the frame of mirror, baskets, desk, ladder and some others. The rest decoration is using the green plant by the potting and hanging up them to beautify the simple white bathroom design.

Modern with Potted Greeny Basket Rattan Furniture using Wicker Mirror and Ladder Decor Idea

There is beautiful design by using the minimalist furniture for bathroom ideas. This one coming with the white theme color and the using of brick as the wall design. the bathtub that using the marble decor with the gilded open twin window and the mirror that framed in gold makes the ending look is gorgeous. This bathroom is using the modern pendant lamp and the small bench to beautify the bathroom.

Neutral Design in White for Bathroom Design with Gilded Decor

The using of green plant for bathroom decoration is actually the right thing to do because in the bathroom, we could watering them and let them grow. At the other side, the using of green plant in bathroom is makes the room feel fresh and eye-catching. This bathroom using the mosaic pattern for the ceramic floor. Then, using the rattan for the large basket there. Here, the green plants are being potted by hanging up them and put them on the shelf.

Stunning Bathroom Design for Limited Space using Mosaic Pattern Ceramic with Potted Hanging Plant