Various Windows of Stone Barn Architecture House in Modern Family Home

The family home coming with the elegant country house that located in Cheievo on the outskirts of Verona, near the Adige River. This house has been renovated by Milan-based architecture practice Studio Wok. Appear with the bathroom that feature with windows that is  fill up the space with natural light. At the picture, the simple furniture coming with laminate wooden floor and framed wooden window on the white walls.Adorable Bathroom Look in Minimalist

This modern building coming with family theme that converted the stone barn from Italy and gives the sustainable features look there. While, the presence of single big tree at the outside house give the panoramic view within the outdoor swimming pool. The dark browny soil give the fresh look and looks so spacious where you can play freely there without annoy with any furniture outdoor. The house looks so friendly with the surrounding nature.

Contemporary Family Home with Classy Look

Family House with Stone Barn Architecture

The interior look of this stone barn house decorate with earthy color palette. All the neutral colors with simple textiles and minimalist furniture. As you can see at the picture above, the pastel green color with the large windows that framed in wooden interior. While, the single small chair makes this corner looks comfortable to enjoy the view or read some books.

Earthy Color Scheme for Interior House

Another outdoor angle for this building have randomly windows with the different size and shape. There are main hall for entrance of this house by having the large curved windows. There, you will able to see the whole outdoor view from the inside. The using of large windows for the exterior house give more natural light inside the home.

Gorgeous Look for Stone Barn House Exterior

When you see this house interior, there will be an open space that has the high ceilings with the modern yet minimalist decor. At the picture above, the wooden ceiling give the comfortable feeling for the white wall interior. While, the furniture that the architecture use is very simple yet so suitable with the plain lamps lean on the wall.

High Ceiling Wooden Interior Design

The Stunning Look for Stone Barn House Architecture

The entrance hall of this house looks so amazing when you see from the inside. The inner decoration using the wood, plywood, marble and river pebbles. Those are generating the exterior and interior house for this entrance hall. the large windows with the framed wood give the strong highlighted design that give the enchanted look there.

Interior House with Plywood

There is the center of interest of this family house and looks suitable with the dark brown soil there. The tree in the ceter of backyard  as the awesome look for outdoor view and give the nature look around the swimming pool. This house has the stunning exterior shape for the roof.

Various Windows of Stone Barn Architecture House in Modern