Vast Recent Family House with Open Layout Outdoor Architecture

We are about to share focusing on the recent house design that focuses on around basic shapes and forms. The dwelling that lies on the 150 square meters on the ground and constructed by wohgelmuth and pafumi for a family in Switzerland. There, the living space got the special ambiance for each and the decoration following to the open floor design. the laminate wooden floor and the ceilings decor absolutely makes this living space so comfy yet stylish.

An Open Space Interior for Kitchen, Living Room and Dinning Room

At the picture above, the bedroom coming with the Boho feel where the wooden plays an important role for this interior. The bed is using the framed thick wooden in light-colored while, the walls applied the dark brown wooden color. the clear white ceiling that decorate with single gold rounded pendant lamps looks so stunning. Then, the grey floor appear so beautiful with the dark brown fur rug. The presence of standing bathtub close to the bed is the good way to complete this large bedroom.

Bathroom with Boho Feel and Standing Bathtub

An Open Layout Door for Vast House Architecture

Try to use the colorful theme for decorating your furniture for interior living space. the architects using the purple, orange, yellow, green and even red filled almost all the dinning chairs. This dinning room has the sectional sofa and the wooden table complete this living space. the unique large elongated pendant lamps looks awesome to this space with the large windows and the presence of large grand piano at the other side.

Colorful Dinning Set with Upholstered Chairs

This house has the corner living room that designed as the addition for relaxing space. the large picture framed decorating the white wall in cool way while the classy pendant lamps enrich the stunning look there. The large glazed walls makes this living spca brightly with the nature sun lighting inside the space. the sectional grey sofa and single round on the laminate wooden floor appear as the ending result for making the attractive place to relax.

Facade Glazed with Abundant Neutral Light

House with Vast Modern Layout Architecture

There is another side of this living room that has the main type. The tucked in one of the corners is coming with the small sauna that covered glass walls with the wooden benches furniture sauna decor. The large grey blue sectional sofa appear with the several cushions beautify the living room in minimalist way. The wooden walls give the fresh look for this living room.

Living Room with Chic Furniture and Sauna Corner

At the picture above, there is the other living room at upstairs. The grey sectional sofa with leaf motive cushions on the laminate floor give the outstanding look for the living room. the diagonal white ceilings as part of the ceilings decoration. the small open skylight plays as the natural lighting to this room.

Smaller Lounge Space with Minimalist Look

This open layout house appear with the simple architecture with modern-traditional noticeable entrance which features that set in minimalist way. The glass doors framed by brick walls and the exposed concrete with the impressive area of open layout. At the picture above, the outdoor sofa furniture set coming with the large umbrella. This house looks so stunning with the orange brick exterior house in modern design.

Vast Recent Family House with Open Layout Outdoor