Vaulted Concrete Skylights for Contemporary Moving House Architectural

Appear with the term of moving house, EAT Architects’s designed this dwelling beautifully with spaciousness, soft light and breezy atmosphere. This Moving House located in the Kew, Melbourne, Australia. At the picture above, the white aluminum screen wraps perfectly around the exterior house. The transparent windows and doors directly gives the yard view with greenery look there and get some extra roof concrete for each door.

Awesome Look for White Aluminium Screen Wrap Around the House

The living room coming with the minimalist way that you may also have the dinning area at the same time. The concrete decorate this house interior for the walls and ceilings. the shining grey light sofa looks so adorable with the presence of wooden dinning table. At the other side, the transparent white curtains give the outstanding look as part to complete the interior house.

Ceilings with Concrete Decor Interior

Modern Architecture Moving House with Concrete Vaulted Skylights

As you can see at the picture above, even the interior house using concrete in natural-light color, the living space still looks so comfortable. The architects placing some greenery look for some spot in the house. The potted plants looks so helpful to make the living space fresher and nice in the eyes.

Extensive Use of Concrete Interior

The main concern of this house architectural is the use of vaulted skylights that effect to the interior and exterior house design. the inner space and the decoration become one of the focal points by the presence of vaulted skylights. At the upper side of the ceilings, there are some windows to give the natural lighting into the inside of the house. While the kitchen is applied in the white color theme and it is best for reflecting the lights.

Interior House with Focal Point for Vaulted Skylights

If you want to have some fresh look design for bath space, you can try to use this design decoration. the use of light green and warm woods color makes the peace sensation there. The light green penny tiles for the walls looks so suitable with the elongated wooden use of furniture.

Light Green and Warm Wood for Bath Space Design

House with Concrete Vaulted Skylight Design

When you this house from the outside angle, the wonderful ending look from the exterior would be yours. The use of white slats offer structural clarity and makes the visual cohesion to the architectural concept. The white color that applied for the exterior house gives the magical ending look for the fresh house design.

The White Slats Offer Structural Clarity for Exterior House Architecture

This moving house is hinged on a handful design that consist of bespoke vaulted skylights, geometric repetition, light screens and deft placement. The function of white slats gives the minimalist ideas for exterior house yet gives the outstanding look as the part of architectural house. At the other side, the concrete height fence around the house complete this dwelling design.

Vaulted Concrete Skylights for Contemporary Moving House Architectural