Versatile Kitchen Layout Designs That Work for Each and Every Home

There are a number of versatile kitchen layouts to choose by a modern homeowner. Those designs look unexpected and fresh at the same time. However, to come with the right arrangement, you need to have the exact measurements of the area and then create a few layouts on the paper.

kitchen layout design ideas

To make your job easier, we’re going to give you some versatile kitchen layout designs that could inspire you:

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

u-shaped kitchen layout in mint

This layout is preferably used in a square room. The storage is organized following the shape, which means the cabinets set on three sides of the room. Smaller u-shaped kitchens may look stuffy specifically with a kitchen island included, but they will be convenient if you have a bit more space. To open up more space, you can go with pastel colors like this mint u-shaped kitchen for instance.

Gallery Kitchen Layout

gallery kitchen layout

The room is divided into two parallel lines. This design is generally adopted in a narrow room in order to optimize the wall and the floor space. If the pathway between the lines might be a bit narrow, you can opt for a more modern single wall kitchen layout. The help from light color palettes will make the narrow space appears bigger.

Wedge-Shaped Kitchen Layout

wedge-shaped kitchen island

This layout is best to utilize awkward spaces and angles without wasting any room. Make the most of those awkward spaces and do come with a more creative kitchen arrangement like the above kitchen design. The furnishing is dominated by wedge-shaped theme, from the wall to the kitchen furniture. It gives off an airy finish too.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

l-shaped kitchen layout

This is a classic layout where there are only two furnished walls. This shape also can easily accommodate a kitchen island.

Polygonal Kitchen Layout

polygonal kitchen layout

While it is a rarity and requires so much work, polygonal kitchen layout offers a luxurious feel in the space. Careful measuring is needed before choosing the countertops and cabinets, but the end result will be superb for sure.

Corner Kitchen Layout

corner kitchen layout idea

Corner kitchen design is a way to save more space by using any corner for any part of the kitchen. This layout intends to give more freedom for walking around and working in the area.

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