Victorian Style House for 19th Century Look in Contemporary Architecture Design

The modern house of design coming with the Victorian type. At the picture above, interior house applied the white color with grey marble theme for the decoration. the walls is applying the plain sculptured style while the floor is applying the dark grey laminate wooden. The kitchen done in the marble cabinet and the sanitary wash joined with the dine space that have three stools there. The presence of large transparent glass windows makes this living space get the enough lighting inside.

An Atrium House Interior Design with Windows

Move into the other side of this house interior. The bathroom appear with narrow space with the diagonal roof as part of the decoration. the built-in bathtub in grey abstract motive marble placed at the corner with the single windows at the upper side. The shower space with the transparent glass divider to separate between the shower and toilet. While, at the other side, the large white dresser covered with marble complete this minimalist bathroom.

Bathroom with Concrete Marble Walls in White Decor

Modern House with Victorian Style in Stunning Look

Let’s move into the other living space. this time, the room pretty wide with the white walls and some picture frames hang on there. The TV also put on the wall where the single elongated sofa complete the living room. the large transparent glass windows wall appear with the transparent grey light curtains. The using of grey dark wooden floor suitable with the set of simple dinning room and the randomly shape of chandelier beautify this living space.

Dinning with Cool Chandelier and Modern Furniture

As you can see at the picture above, the pink chairs beautify the dinning space with the large oval table. The presence of chandelier help this white room looks prettier. At the other side, the kitchen using some lights that could perfectly blend with the white color theme interior.

Kitchen with White Countertop and Backsplash

The minimalist bedroom could fit with everyone. This time, bedroom coming with the white walls decor with two hanging picture frames up there. While the headboard are designed with black colored and the circle nightstand complete them. the white bed with the navy pillow are the best combination for bed space.

Minimalist Bedroom with Modern Look

19th Century Look for Victorian House Architecture

Another angle for bedroom side is the presence of high large grey transparent curtains. There is the medium windows along the house with the large high of mirror. This bedroom didn’t use the unnecessary furniture. The single bench with low back complete the bed space in simple way yet comfortable.

Sheer Curtain with Chevron Timber Floor in Modern Calm Look

When you see this house from the outside view. You will find the minimalist look there but still coming with Victorian style for 19th century. The house with the grey exterior and shape in triangle look with the blocks garden at the front side. There, you can have the greenery scenery with an open layout space.

Victorian Style House for 19th Century Look in Contemporary Architecture Design