Villa Beach for Modern Mid-Century Built by Worn Materials

This one coming with the special house that Architecture studio Woods Bagot has been finished the current section of a weathered seaside house that located in Australia. It has been 20 years of making and designed as  the home for Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis, the St Andrews Beach Villa began in 1999 as a simple example on Mornington Peninsula. When you see this house interior, you will amaze with the open large windows that made from wooden. This bedroom design to allows you have the unlimited view directly from your bed.

Bedroom Decorated in Simple with Rich Windows of Views

Another side of interior house is the kitchen design in clad with warm-colored reclaimed wood then a stone countertop and the dinning set in wooden table with simple metal chairs. This kitchen done with the white countertop and backsplash that covered mostly with wooden just like the walls. The classy design of kitchen interior makes the look of this space done in stunning way.

Kitchen done with Clad Colored Reclamied Wood

Gorgeous Villa Beach in Mid-Century Look Architecture

The beautiful side of this house coming with the lights come into the attic orangery through some fissures and create a unusual pattern on the ground. This living space has the internal garden inside the house by the diagonal ceiling wooden there. There are some plants grew up on the ground.

Lights come into the Attic Orange through some Fissures and Create Unique Pattern on the Floor

The living room appear with the orangery wooden color theme with mid-century modern furniture. This living space using single elongated grey sofa with the classy carpet. There is large windows  that give the outstanding view from the inside. The presence of inside garden with the diagonal roof makes this living space so gorgeously to stay.

Living Room Done with Wooden Orange Mid Century Furniture

The other formal living room in this villa, done with the modern grey dark sofa and the single orange wooden bench there. The grey abstract square carpet give the dramatic look into this living space. in this living room, there are two sides of wooden wall with the different style to apply. At the other side, the large windows makes this living room brighter automatically. The presence of simple TV stand and the twin white standing lamp complete the furniture interior.

Modern Living Room with Minimalist Look

Beach Landscape House Architecture in Modern Design

When you this villa from the side line of the residence, you will get the house is raised above from the ground and the clad weathered wood with reclaimed wood which taken from previous building. The cubes large grey brick exterior complete with the simple modern staircase wooden style. The landscape with sand place makes this villa beach look suitable with the environment around.

Stunning Look for Beach Villa Ideas

As you can see at the picture above, the wonderful look for this villa beach done beautifully. This residence coming with the large swimming pool and some outdoor furniture lounge complete there. The two large blocks cubes house with the grey harsh exterior are durable for any situation of weather there. This villa obviously suitable for spending your holiday with beloved people.

Villa Beach for Modern Mid-Century by Worn Materials