Villa Come with Cantilevered Roof Architecture in Wooden Design

Here come the hidden in a wooded coastal area located in the Dutch town of Bergen, Bosvilla. This house designed by Natrufied Architecture where the nature in everywhere. At the picture above, the bathroom done in large transparent glass windows on the laminate wooden floor. While, the minimalist bathtub complete this simple bath space. there is single large round pendant lamp that could beautify the bathroom by give the stunning reflection on the mirror.

Bathroom with Glazing and Greenery Look

The picture above show the dinning space appear with the touch of red and black colors. The small bar complete this living space with the reddish laminate wooden floor. This wall coming with the brick stone that arranged beautifully as the exterior and combination with wood. The look for wooden ceiling also looks so adorable.

Dinning Set done in Black and Red Decor with Wooden Mixing

This house has an outstanding interior view in wooden decoration. the extensive glazing is around this house interior which appear as the amazing view in each side in the house. There are several lights on the wooden wall for each large windows to give the golden effect on the wood interior. While, the large windows enrich the awesome interior there.

Extensive Glazing Fill up The Space

House with Cantilivered Roof Wooden Architecture

There is unique look for this interior side of the house. The inner decoration coming with the similar type of the wood just like the exterior did. The natural brick stones built the classic fireplace there with mid-century touches. Some furniture decorate this living room in simple way even they use the different color set.

Interior Decor done with Touches of Mid-Century Look

This time, the kitchen designed in smart way with the brilliant ideas. The modern kitchen set with glass and concrete cabinet that functioning also as the room divider. At the picture above, the architect has the other room divider that functioning not only as the countertop, but also as the internal garden and the oven space. while, the rest kitchen furniture is placed built in the large black grey there, so you will free an extra space in the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Interior in Wooden Decor

Wooden House Architecture with Cantilevered Roof

When you see the kitchen in detail, you will find the use of natural materials that gives the stunning look for the interior. The wooden ceiling with the some spot lights beautify the living space in minimalist way. With the presence of large windows, this kitchen would absolutely looks eye-catching and comfy.

Natural Material Wood Design

The exterior of this house using the main structure that made of various wood types with the soft palette of natural accents. There are triple glazing for the exterior house that give the reflection of nature view there. The wide garden and the greenery around this house makes it looks blend beautifully with this wooden house architecture.

Villa Come with Cantilevered Roof in Wooden Design

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