Villa MQ with Special Design for Sloping House Architecture

There are wonderful housing architecture with the adorable design. this house has the special and unique architecture located in Tremelo (BE) that surrounded by pines. This house has a certain goals. It is designed specially for a couple with two children. They would perfectly fit on this villa because combining the nature and modernity at the same time. This building has the upnormal height of wall curved exterior with the grey plain color decoration.

Amazing Design for Look Villa MQ with Sloping Architecture

From the distance sight to see, we could get this building shaped specially with curved exterior that you might think this are office or government building. The landscape is lower than the ground road itself. as you can see at the picture above, the entrance door of the garage applied the tile stone for flooring and the road it self with the small extra canopy.

Beautiful Outdoor View of the Villa MQ

Villa MQ Architecture with Sloping Design Ideas

For the inside of the interior villa architecture, there is curved wall with the white color and lining with the golden lighting beautify the living space at once. At the other side, we could see the brown sofa without rug is adorable to see in this spacious living space. while at the other side, we could have the small staircase to connecting with another room.

Curved Highlighted with Light Interior House

Connecting one room to another is always fun playing with staircase design. the white staircase get linked with the tails to connect both staircase up and down side. While, the dinning set beautifully done with orange wooden armchair and black dinning table. Then, the monochrome kitchen cabinet always suitable with the marble white floor there.

Focal Point of the House with Geometrical Staircase

Having the spacious house always makes you freely to do anything without being interrupted. This time, the living space has the chance to fill the space by using the large black fireplace to warm you up from the coldness weather. Even this fireplace takes a lot of space, this living room still have the free space for other furniture interior in this white building.

Its Different Colors Contrast with The Ambience Interior

Gorgeous Ending Look for Villa MQ Architecture

This kind of living space using the minimalist furniture such as light brown elongated sectional sofa with the cushions on there. At the other side, the single armchair dark brown color suitable for small dark grey table on the white floor with the TV stand that functioning as the fireplace at once.

Simple Furniture Interior Villa MQ

This sculpture of villa MQ designing with sloping architecture are gorgeously match with the nature landscape. There, we could see that the villa coming with the common white outdoor swimming pool around the woodlands. This villa would be perfectly has the wonderful view from the inside of the house looking for the outdoor nature view.

Villa MQ with Special Sloping Architecture