Villa Slow with Stone Cabin House Architecture into A Rustic Holiday Retreat

This dwelling is located on the top of a little hill facing south grants with attractive view towards the valley and the mountain. This Villa Slow is a house with the subtle contrasts rough-delicate, open-closed, wood-grey as the combination of housing architecture materials. At the picture, the interior is kind of relaxing, natural yet refined. There is a significant contrast ending look between the outdoor and indoor space.

Awesome View for Sliding Door Look

Another living space in this house is situated next to the living area on the eastern wing that give the most private side. Bedroom coming with the natural look and a bed with vintage wooden desk in the corner that could be use as your home office. The large windows appear as the entrance way that directly lead to the garden.

Bedroom with Natural Desk Furniture and Entrance Way to Garden

Stone Cabin Architecture in Contemporary Villa Design

This is the look for the outside view of the villa. There are facades that covered with classy rough stone style and combination between metal and wooden exterior. As you can see, this house exterior using the earthy nature-light color decor. Another information about this house is the topology based on a traditional construction of the place called as “cabaña pasiega” which is mean as peasant cabin with modern twist housing design.

Inner and Outer Space Connected with Glazed Windows

Laura Alvarez designed this dwelling with the extra outdoor space with the blocks and twin chairs to complete this outdoor furniture. Between the inner and outer spaces are blurred with the large windows sliding door. There, you can let your farm animals like cows are eating at your courtyard with the plenty of grass out there.

Kitchen with an Open Layout and Lighting Through Oversized Windows

Coming with the kitchen part. This villa provide the open kitchen type with the white cabinets only downwards which the space is filled with the light through the over sized windows. The grey-light colored floor makes this white kitchen looks so comfy. The dinning table and kitchen surface cabinet appear with wooden style that complete with the simple high back chairs and rounded pendant lamps.

Sitting Zone with Minimalist Interior Design

Fresh Villa Architecture with Cabin in Rustic Holiday Ideas

The living room has the wide space with the center white walls that decorated with the woodbin in the middle of the built-in fireplace. The grey elongated sofa and the double grey armchairs complete this living room in minimalist look. The wooden ceilings suitable with the wooden dinning table that have the same color-light.

Villa Slow with Stone Cabin House Architecture into A Rustic Holiday Retreat

As you can see at the picture above, Amsterdam-based studio Laura Alvarez architecture was constructed this rental holiday retreat in the natural park within a more than two-hectare terrain of natural landscape. This house using the wood element combination of classic exterior that give the calm space that you can enjoying the impressive natural look. The extra outdoor space looks so suitable with the wooden furniture and some pebbles that lead into the entry way at the courtyard.