Villa with Chameleon Style Modern Architecture that Blend with Environment

Let me show you the fresh look of housing architecture that everyone looking for. The residence that would absolutely attract people to spend their holiday time in there. This one villa located in Bali, Indonesia and created by WOMhouse Architects. Named with Chameleon Villa, this residence blends perfectly with nature surroundings. At the picture above, the kitchen done in an open layout space where the backsplash, ceilings and some kitchen cabinet done in wooden style. The combination of golden light for each pendant lamps with the lining lighting for the cabinet.

Bar and Cooking Zone with Highlighted Pendant Lamp Outdoor

As you can see at the picture above, the villa are captured from the above center. There, you can see the villa are beautifully disappear that blend with surroundings nature. The architect applied “camouflage” ideas for the roof topped with various levels of vegetation to provide a cooling effect to the spaces below and support in rainwater collection. Clearl, this villa already applied the modern system of house architecture for the concern of technologies.

Chameleon Villa with Balinese Traditional Architecture

Modern Housing with Wonderful Balinese Architecture

Here, another open space are filled this house interior for living room. the colorful theme decoration fill up the space in simple and minimalist. The ceilings and floor applied the laminate wooden as the material. While, the orange single sofa coming with the calm pink color for the cushions. Then, the double armchair complete this living room with the single pendant lamp complete this interior living space.

Earthy Color Theme Decoration for Living Space

When you see this part of living space from another angle, you will find the dinning room done in simple but blends perfectly with the other furniture interior. The orange chairs with the thick large round wooden table suitable with the double pendant lamp up there. The both side of left and right with the extra outdoor spaces with the grey dark wooden floor.

Living Room and Dinning Zone with Modern Furniture

Coming with an open layout for bathroom in wide space. this one design in minimalist but appear in modern style of bath space. the dark bathtub built-in the dark brown wooden floor looks so suitable with the highlighting line lights. At the other side, the elongated space could be your space for seating on there with some cushions. The double mirror and double sink complete this interior bathroom. The bamboo walls give the traditional effect in designing house interior.

Spa Bathroom with Large Sunken Tub Open Space Decor with Bamboo Wall

Awesome Balinese House Architecture in Chameleon Style

Take a look into the suite bed space that designed specially with Balinese ideas. The bed that coming with pure plain white cover and pillows. The high grey headboard with built-in shelf and golden lighting in there. The ceilings and roof are applied the reddish wooden color with the highlighted lining light for the podium floor style. The classy dark fan in the middle of the ceiling complete with the other furniture around bedroom interior.

Suite Bedroom Designed with Podium and Tall Headboard

The form of the primary building follows the idea of rectangular volumes stacked upon each other and it’s composed of an outer frame that will protects the interior element and provide eco-friendly look from the outside. The volumes of the house are completed with material palette of natural and locally materials sources. The architect applied the greenery system with solar panels, water recycling for garden irrigation.

Villa with Chameleon Style Modern Architecture