Volumes House with Shifts for Naremburn Type Geometries Architecture

The fresh ideas are applied to this one house with the shifting volumes and geometries that resulting in the various of irregularities look. The residence is located in Sydney, Australia was named as the Naremburn House and constructed by Bijl Architecture. As you can see there, the wooden exterior house for the upper floor while the smooth grey brick walls for the ground floor. This house has some extra space that makes the floating look from the outside view.

Attractive House with Geometries Design

The architect using design the house with the diagonal ceilings so that the interior follows the shape. The white color theme looks stunning with the simple ceilings some spotlights up there. Then, the use of glazing makes this bedroom brighter and comfy with the outside view directly.

Bed Space for Comfy Place

Modern Type for Naremburn Residence with Changing Volumes Architecture

The bathroom decorated in minimalist design where the dark grey tiles applied for the floor and the walls. There, the shower space and the sanitary wash are divided by the half walls with a small built-in deck also. The white ceiling’s color and some spotlights give the stunning look in the bath space.

Dark Theme Bathroom Interior

As you can see in the picture, the dinning area is set with glazing so you will have the swimming pool view directly from the inside. The wooden dinning table with the simple white armchair coming as the complete look for the house interior and the colored boxes desks there looks stunning.

Living Room with Outstanding Design

Shifting House Architecture with Designed Geometrically

This house has an empty space where you can only find the built-in windows with the extra space that you can have a seat there. The large wooden windows with several cushions there at the white wall and the simple pendant lights on the ceilings. the diagonal roof design makes this space looks so spacious.

Nook Space with Nice View Corner

The kitchen appears with the stunning white color theme for the interior space and the backsplash. The minimalist kitchen design with simple lighting also makes space looks so comfy and not complex. Some part of the kitchen done in a dark spot to give the sense of contrast look there.

Stunning White Kitchen Interior

The house is designed by the architect specially with the changing volume where the heights allowed for an open layout. Then, the unique angles on the interior would perfectly decorate the space. the swimming pool also designed in random shape following the extra outdoor space itself. This residence is suitable for you who want the unique experience there with your beloved family.

Volumes House with Shifts for Naremburn Type Geometries Architecture

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