Wales House of Architecture in Current Silver Design

At the picture above, the house is designed by Hyde + Hyde from Swansea-based architecture office. The house that specially for a relocated family to Wales from London and the family is looking for the peaceful life with the closer connection with nature. This residence has the extensively glazed to catch the views with the wooden as part of the decoration. while, the presence of stones and pebbles are used for the inner and outer addition decor.

Extensively Glased House Design with Much Wood

This house has the kitchen space that done with white color theme for the countertop and the backsplah. While, the laminate wooden floor and wooden beams with the dinning room that set in dinning table white chairs. The presence of white transparent curtains give the bright look living space. the double black pendant lamp with the white ceilings are complete to makes the minimalist look of your kitchen and dinning space.

Kitchen with Wooden Beams in Whites

House with Stunning Architecture in Wales

When you look out to the house in the evening, the awesome sight would be your as it your house. The house that could be set for privacy or an open layout by using the transparent curtains. The timber screen functioning as the wind controller and the protector there for the extra balcony at upstairs.

Outstanding View for Exterior House

Adorable Silver House with Modern Architecture

Let’s move into the other living space for minimalist bedroom. The interior is so simple and decorate with clear lines. There is the windowsill benches to give the comfy bed space. the special space about this bed room is the entry to the terrace directly from your windowsill with the laminate wooden floor become the ending result of stunning interior bedroom.

Simple Interior with Windowill Bench Entry Terrace

The dwelling is constructed to maximize the exposure views of nature within the modern architecture. The optimal exposure functioning as the changing daylight conditions at the day. The outdoor staircase with the extra terrace with wooden style makes this house as the complete package for holiday retreat family. The white stone blocks makes the ending look so fresh and comfortable exterior to see.

Wales House of Architecture in Current Silver Design