Walnut Residence Ideas with Impressive Architecture and Current Interior

Here, you will find some best pictures about Walnut residence with attractive architecture. This house is located in Venice, California and designed by Modal Design with showing the awesome architecture housing. When you take a look for interior of this house, you will amazed with the aluminium motive as the cover holder for wooden staircase. At the other side, the elongated wooden shelf success decorating this interior beautifully.

Adorable Look for Interior Walnut Residence

The other interior for bed space is this one coming with the modern style. The large bed with grey bed cover and some pillow in blue with grey motive pattern on there. In front side of the bed, the classic long bench suitable with the night stand and the classy lamp. While, the creamy pale carpet makes this bedroom looks so clear and comfortable.

Attractive Bed Interior with Modern Furniture

Attractive Architecture with Walnut Ideas for House Design

This cool interior looks so stylish with the bubbles pattern decoration on the open transparent walls. There, the living space would beautifully makes the reflection when the sun light touches this part. The eye-catching ending result would automatically decor the space without take some places.

Beautiful Residence Interior with Classic Decoration

The outside angle of this house would blow your mind with the two part side. The lower side with the bold grey house building. While, the upper side using the random shape of bubbles exterior decor in brown color with rectangular windows there. The semi garden in front side is the best way to make your environment keep fresh and cozy.

Impressive Look for Outdoor Residence with Walnut Architecture

When you decide to have office room in your own house, you can apply this one design. an open office house with the minimalist furniture. The large thin white with rectangular table suitable with the black leather armchair there. This home office also using the square pattern color brown carpet with the standing lamp that directly brighten up the table. While, the open wall windows are beautifully coming with the white curtain that you will get the outdoor view directly from your chair office.Open Space for House Office Ideas

Walnut Architecture Combine with Current House Design

This house designed with the modern look. The long wooden staircase  with the small elongated wooden narrow balcony through the open windows. The white wall play an important rule in this interior that could give the stunning effect and the simplicity around the house.

Stunning Interior House for Walnut Residence

Around this house, there are a lot of walnut trees and minimalist exterior with the glass wall design. this glass walls could be customized with the curtain if the owner want the privacy. The natural wood and mixing with recent architecture increasing the wonderful environment in this house that designed specially eco-friendly.

Walnut Residence with Impressive Architecture and Current Interior


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