Waterfront Design with Recent Ensured Privacy House Architecture

The architects has the special plan house design for this dwelling. Because, the house need privacy yet many visitors around. That is why the architect design this house with the challenge during the construction. This house lies on the 789 square meters and located in Cape Town, South Africa. Let’s take a look into this house interior, especially for bathroom. The private space with the sheltered screen that gives the block unwanted views. The transparent glass as the divider for shower space makes this bath interior looks so modern and minimalist.

Bathroom with Private Volume with Sheltered Privacy Volume

This house has the open space for bedroom interior design. the sliding glass gives the fresh air into the space with the natural light and panoramic views of the sea. The use of laminate wooden floor makes the interior so calm and the mixing of blue color gives the comfy look for the interior bedroom.

Bedroom with Sliding Door Panoramic View

Contemporary Architecture House with Privacy Design

At the picture above, there is the large space for the dinning room on the wooden floor. The elongated large wooden table with the simple classy armchairs in earthy color palette makes the space looks so stunning in calm way. The presence of glazed facades gives panoramic view of sea from the inside of the dinning room.

Dinning Area with Glazed Facades

Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design as the architect construct the front facade with the high boundary walls for the private interior that hidden from anyone passing by. This house has the circulation air area that positioned on one side of the house with the glass walls facing directly to the yard.

Exterior Look for House with Yard and Glass Walls

House with Waterfront and Ensured Privacy Architecture

The use of wooden material for kitchen island is kind of the best way to design the interior house. The natural color-light wood makes this kitchen so calmly to see and comfy at the same time. The black surface kitchen island is the good one to use in order to avoid the dirty spot there. There is the bar extension table for breakfast table with the black pendant lamps as the complete package.

Kitchen with Extension Breakfast Table

As you can see, this house has the extra space for wine cellar that separated with the outer room. the wooden racks that all the way up to the ceiling with the transparent glass wall. The arrangement of the racks so random and cool that you can store your wines in many ways.

Rack of Wine in Separate Room

The design of this house let the architects make sure to optimize the Northern exposure and to minimize solar heat gain by using drop-down screens over the glazed facades. The presence of large swimming pool makes this dwelling so gorgeously to see with the greenery sight  there.

Waterfront with Recent Ensured Privacy House Design