Weekend House Style with Sculptural and Abstract Lakefront Architecture

The architect using designed in a beautiful way with the lakefront view on the other side. The house is decorated in stunning way. The use of white color as the part of the house decoration makes the ending look so beautiful with the greenery view around the house. Taylor and Miller Architecture and Design decorate this house with an abstract composition of volumes and forms. The house is located in Massachusetts with the lakefront sight there.

Exterior House with Stunning Look

There is the hight skylight that decorates this house and made from the plywood. The smooth plywood interior skylight decorates with the exterior that coming in white color. this one looks so beautiful that you can look at the above and find the sky there from inside the house.

House with Wooden Interior

Sculptural Architecture Lake House in Attractive Look

The interior house coming with a stunning look where the simple dinning table with the fabric on it and the high back chairs as the complete idea. The grey floor and ceilings look suitable with the rest white color walls. While, at the other side, the dark grey kitchen coming in minimalist countertop and backsplash.

Minimalist Dinning Space Interior

Take a look into the outdoor view of the house, the simple exterior that mixes in white color and the wooden play the decoration part. This house has the random shape of the design where the different volumes are with them. the extra terrace appears in a simple way that you can play outside with nature view trees and greenery sight around the house.

Mixing Wooden Material for House Exterior

Impressive Lake House with Sculptural Architecture

On the other side of the house, there is the sliding door that provides the terrace and the greenery view there. the corner is filled with the industrial look for living space. the two chairs with the single table bench and the standing lamp decorating the space.

Sliding Door End Up with Beautiful Glazing

The interior staircase appears with the two side yellow bold walls with the single black holder on one side. The black stairs have the glazing ceiling where you can have the stunning view at this side from beneath. This space may be designed in narrow but it matches the skylight ceiling design.

Staircase with Wooden Glazing

This lakehouse has a direct view of the lakefront and the trees around the house. The upper floor has a balcony where you can enjoy the view surrounding beautifully. There is a certain space where you can have the extra terrace with a spacious garden to the lakeside. This house absolutely suitable for you who like the presence of nature around.

Weekend House Style with Sculptural and Abstract Lakefront Architecture

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