WeGrow School: Interactive Learning Hub Filled With Secluded Spaces

WeWork in collaboration with BIG created the first WeGrow school in New Your City, the United States of Amerika. This modern designed school is established as an interactive learning hub that encourages a conscious approach to education. It’s also to nurture the growth, mind, and spirit of the children in the 21st century. WeGrow School is designed for children between the age of three and nine. The school itself is located in WeWork’s headquarters in Chelsea neighborhood.

wegrow school modern design

The learning hub comprises a number of spaces including flexible workshops, four classrooms, a multi-purpose studio, a music room, a community space, an art studio, and other playscapes. The shelves and partitions have been designed to the level of the children. The natural light comes from the windows to penetrate into the building.

children's playscapes in the hub

Meanwhile, three different shelving levels comes with a curving design intended for activity pockets that offer a sense of safety, comfort, and community. The design also allows the teachers to have a full perspective of the space all the times.

activity pockets create comfortable space

There are acoustic clouds hanging from the ceiling. It reflects the different patterns of nature like coral, moon, landscape, and fingerprint. The acoustic clouds illuminate the space thanks to the existence of Ketra bulbs that can change color and intensity depending on the time of day.

acoustic clouds reflect pattern of nature

WeGrow School provides playful nooks that can be used as a versatile work and meeting space for children, parents, and teacher. The nooks are like an all-felt lounge where anyone, especially the children, can play and learn at the same time.

the versatile nook for children and adults

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