Wentworth Cabin Ideas Filled Lake with Minimalist Light in Quebec

Nowadays, people are starving about nature for adventure that mostly long last period of time. Cabin coming as the solution for you who want the perfect place to spend with that far from bothering city. The place that absolutely suitable in the mountain, forest, lake and many more popular places. This one, sharing about the Wentworth Cabin that lies on 915 square-feet and located in Wentworth-Nord, Quebec, Canada. Appear with the main hall space in white color theme is the open layout that consist of kitchen, dinning space and living room in minimalist look.

An Open Layout for Dinning Room, Kitchen and Living Space

When you see the other side of this cabin, the bath space coming with the minimalist that fully gives the simple style and combine with wood as the part of material interior. At the picture, the white sink built in the wooden dresser with the large rectangular mirror and some track lights above it. The grey tile floor give the space looks so friendly. While, the black color decorating the bathtub as the divider between the toilet.

Bathroom with Minimalist Wooden Decor

Lakeside Cabin with Modern Housing Architecture

The design that use of an open layout interior give the extend out to the outdoor deck in order the space looks wider. There is graphhite large grey pendant lamp give this dinning space center of interest around this white dinning and kitchen. The floating kitchen table has the same shape, color and view with the dinning table in one sight.

Graphitte Pendant Lamp in White Dinning Room

As you can see at the picture above, the living room coming with a built-in fireplace that stood as the pole of the house at the same time. The grey sofa give the enough furniture as complete the interior. The large windows always help the interior house with enough natural sun lighting inside.

Hearthy Grey Sofa with Windows in White Living Space

Awesome Look for Minimalist Cabin Canada Style

The kitchen is designing with the cabinet in white color. while, mostly the kitchen island done with the light-colored wooden as the cover. The single large windows in the middle are important to make the kitchen brighter in white color.

Kitchen White Cabinet with Colored Wooden Furniture

There is traditional kitchen part that the architect use in this kitchen space. the backsplash that substituted with the large window. There, the views and light could come in to the kitchen. The small tile white as the kitchen background wall looks suitable with the framed black window there.

Traditional Look for Sanitary Wash Backsplash with Window

The last picture coming with the minimalist cabin that facing the lake and features with the natural light filled the spaces. Parka Architecture designed this house with the integrated slopped plot of land and the exterior of clad is totally gives the outstanding look. This cabin located on the top floor where you can find the water and forest views could be enjoyed through many windows and doors in the cabin.

Wentworth Cabin Filled Lake with Minimalist Light in Quebec