What Light Fixtures Should You Choose for Your Apartment? Let’s Check These Options!

As an apartment dweller, you might think that choosing a light fixture could be a challenge for you. But letting your apartment with poor lighting isn’t an option either. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry because we are here to offer you a helpful lighting guide for your apartment spaces. So check the ideas below!

apartment light fixture ideas

Eye-Catching Light Fixture

bold light fixture apartment

A bold light fixture will add interest to your apartment. Even Michael Murphy, interior designer and producer of Lamps Plus Trends, states that such light fixture can illuminate the space and add a dramatic effect to it. Therefore, choose a light fixture that is bold in design but can light up a whole room.

additional light source for darker room

Add other light sources in addition to the ceiling fixture if your room is a tad darker than it should be.

Lampshades Make A Big Difference

lampshade isn't always for decorative purpose

If chosen wisely, lampshades could make a great impact on your apartment lighting. Lampshades are more than just decorative items, but they function to determine the quality of light you’ll get from the lamp.

glass lamp shades

Darker lampshades make the lamp shine above and below the fixture, while lighter shades allow the light out into the room. But if your intention is to have a space flooded with light, a traditional shade is a no go. Instead, choose mesh or glass shades where the bulbs are exposed.

Incandescent Light? Why Not!

Incandescent Light for a warmer atmosphere

You should warm up to the idea of using incandescent light. It sounds old fashion, but there’s nothing more inviting than a soft, yellow light emitted from the blubs. This lighting could offer a warmer ambiance to your bedroom apartment too.

Task Lighting Matters

task lighting above kitchen counter

You shouldn’t only focus on the overall brightness in the space, but also about the areas needed for you to complete a particular task. This is why task lamps are important to consider. Place task lamps above the kitchen counter,  on your work desk, or around your reading nook.

task lamp on working table

These are some ideas you need to keep in mind when you choose a light fixture for your apartment. So choose wisely!

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