What Makes A Perfect Home Office? These Three Things Are The Answer!

If you spend your working hours at home, then it’s important to have a home office that offers comfort and productivity to get the job done. When designing a home office, you might be thinking that it should be located in a secluded area where you aren’t aware of your surrounding. However, according to Audra Walters from Front Porch Properties in Chicago, that’s not the main thing you should consider.

a picture perfect home office

The fact is you can still have that perfect home office design even if it’s not in a very secluded area. As long as you consider these three things, you will come up with a great design that will also affect your productivity:

Not Too Close To Kitchen or Bathroom

home office in the secluded area-master bedroom

A high traffic area like a kitchen or bathroom won’t make a good location to set up your office. With people come in and out of that area, you will get distracted easily. Tuval Mor from Citi Habitats, New York, advice to design your home office in a secluded nook in the master bedroom area.

home office in the attic could enhance productivity

Or if you have an attic, that would be an ideal office space too. An attic home office will enhance your productivity and you have the space all for yourself!

Multi-Purpose Home Office

closet as a home office

Ideally, your home office should be the place where you not only can get your job done but also it holds another function. Some homeowners set their home office in a closet and after done, they can close the closet’s doors and hide the space altogether.

home office and guess room combo

There’s also a home office that works as a guest room. This minimalist home office is a fine example of that. The office is wide in the open, but it’s a perfect solution to make the most of your living space.

Good View and Natural Lighting

large windows in a home office

Having a home office with good natural lighting and view will be a feast to the eye, right? Andrew McDonald, director of luxury properties at The Agency in California, states that a view or large windows that match your personality will make a perfect home office.

natural light matters in home office design

If a large window is impossible to have, then at least your home office should get the right amount of natural light. Such light could penetrate into the space through a small-sized window too