Wonderful 18th-Century in Sprawling House Architecture

Actually, the original stone was built in the mid-1700s and it was abandoned in the mid-1800s. Then, there is the new name for this residence that coming by the designer WT Architecture as The White House. Where this house is located on Scotland’s Isle of Coll and designed especially with care for the interior. In the picture, the narrow space appears with wooden for ceilings, wall, and floor and the floating desk with the single window makes this working space so comfy yet minimalist.

Attractive Look for Wooden Working Space

There is a space where you can have the books around you. The modern wooden bookshelves with the space seat on in the middle then, you can have a seat there while reading a book and enjoying the nature around through the glazing. On the other side, the monochrome staircase looks suitable with the smooth grey dark stone floor and the transparent glass sliding door there.

Eye-catchy Interior Design

Gorgeous House with Sprawling Architecture Design

The minimalist living room appears with a single large grey armchair and the other is the rattan armchair. While the concrete table is placed right in front of the grey armchair with the fireplace and a telescope on it. They directly facing the glazing there to see nature at the particular distance through inside the house.

Fresh Decor for Spacious Living Area

When you see this house from the other side, this house has two side that connected with the glazings there. the transparent glass sliding door looks stunning for joining that two side of the house. As you can see, the glazing part consists of an open living space and dinning area. The extra space coming with the smooth stone dark grey tiles for the outdoor part.

Glazing Exterior Looks Stunning

Modern Sprawling Architecture House with 19th Century Type

The other interior designed in a simple way where the large bed with the white ceiling for the diagonal roof. The dark brown laminate floor looks suitable with the double narrow glazings for both side and it gives the natural lighting coming inside. This simple bedroom looks suitable with the minimalist white color theme and makes the space so comfortable without any much furniture.

Minimalist Bed Space

The special place is now coming with the large wooden floating nook and the large elongated transparent window walls. While on the other side, the large bookshelves for both sides are filled up this living space is a good arrangement. The dark brown laminate wooden floor helps this space become a good point for your relaxing place reading a book and enjoying nature views.

Nook with Book Shelve Decorate in Comfy

The architect kept the original structure of the stone house and only add the living space around it. The new living room and bedroom area are coming with the expanses glazing with the landscape and sea views. The architect-designed the interior in a contemporary style and keep the original architecture of the stone house as the part of the decoration house.

Wonderful 18-Century in Sprawling House Architecture

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