Wonderful Ending Look for Lake House Architecture with Contemporary Design

The residence with the full of light with the large windows is presents by Inlet Residence that working with MW Works Architecture. This time, the living room decorate beautifully with the large wooden book shelves that functioning as the wardrobe. At the other side, the minimalist fireplace complete the single armchair furniture there.

Adorable View with Open Glass Wall Lake House Architecture

The play of the lights would perfectly seen when the light is turn on. Here, the architect using the golden light color for each lighting of this house. In the dark, this house beautifully glow in the middle of the woodlands. By the help of the large windows, the clear and stunning architecture of this lake house perfectly on point.

Mesmirizing Lake House Architecture

Amazing Architecture with Lake House Ideas Residence

When move into the interior part of this house, you will amaze with the minimalist furniture that use here. The kitchen is using the common modern type of cabinet in white color. while, the open large windows are still win the main interior of this house. At the other side, you will find the outdoor entryway with lower balcony that joining with the wooden floor from the inside.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

This kind of bedroom done with the limited space but still grab everyone attention. There, the open bed space still using the large windows with the minimalist bathroom at the other side. The material wood always win the interior for showering place. While, this bathroom directly to the small balcony with simple fence there. Then, you will find the lake in front of your spot.

Nature Look for Lake House Architecture

Almost all part of the living space in this house, half side of the wall are using the open large windows. Where you can find the outdoor view directly from inside. This time, the grey dark sectional sofa with the simple grey carpet complete the decoration of this living room. the pole that using wood as the material looks so suitable with the view of nature outside.

Open Glass Window with Stunning Interior

Eye-Catchy Lake Architecture House with Current Design

The private bathroom is out now with the private balcony that directly bring you to the view of lake. This house perfectly for the holiday family or honeymoon couple marriage. Far from cities and directly face the nature in simplicity.

Simple Wooden Balcony Lake House Design

This residence built with natural wood and the architectural lining and shaping in modern way. The view would perfectly adore your souls with the presence of lake that you can enjoy from any room. then, the atmosphere is very nice and comfortable as you will in this woodland inside lake house. This house provide you the everlasting comfortable for enjoying outdoor or indoor view.

Wonderful Lake House Architecture with Contemporary Design