Wonderful Hercule House with Unusual Monolist and Aesthetic Striped Down Architecture

Constructed by Luxembourg-based architecture practice in 2001, Hercule House built within a concrete and glass volume that stands out against the other architecture house. This house done with a bold sculptural statement with sloped terrain and give the outstanding look there. An open layout of the house that consist of living room, kitchen and dinning room at once are the best way to save the space. the large sliding door there give the room the direct view to the outside.

An Open Layout for Living Space Kitchen and Dinning Space

As you can see at the picture above, the modern bathroom designed with the combination of wooden as the material. The light colored wooden with grey abstract dominate this living space in minimalist. Some of the white furniture done in simple way such as toilet and sanitary wash. The presence of large windows give the fresh and bright look into the bathroom.

Current Bathroom with Open Space Glazed Look

Contemporary Monolist House Architecture

Here come the interior design that has the simple wooden walls for one side. Then, the other wall done in grey color with some open windows that could be close with the grey curtain. This living space design so simple with the open large windows that makes the room looks wider and comfy on the laminate wooden floor.

Inner Decoration House with Ultra Minimalist Design

In this open space, the interior house has the most simple kitchen. The kitchen that using the reddish wood as the cabinet and the modern kitchen table for the sanitary wash. The using of grey marble floor giving the effect of spacious and cozy yet minimalist in modern way.

Minimalist Kitchen Island

Another Aesthetic Look for Monolist House Architecture

Another look for this house interior is the dinning room that done in black color. the elongated dinning table with the framed modern metal chairs along the table. This dinning room stunning with the wooden walls and ceilings. The large windows give the bright lighting inside this dark dinning room.

Spacious Space with Inner Courtyard

Take a look into this other living room. the one that has the yellow bright color for the simple sofa furniture. This color absolutely win as the center of interior for house interior. The minimalist look yet chic decorating this living room with the medium modern red fireplace at the corner.

Stunning Living Space with Yellow Bright Sofa

Coming with the outside look of this house. The attractive and monolith looking of this residence features with simplicity and spontaneous aesthetic decoration. the exterior look of this house with the mirrored decor give the modern class of the architecture style. The house with the aesthetic architecture would perfectly suit for your new family.

Wonderful House with Unusual Monolist and Aesthetic Architecture