Wonderful House Architecture with Glazing Unique Creative Floor Platforms

House with current design that constructed by the Asian architects and keep with the modern and bold solution for the renovation. This time, the lakeside house typical become trend with popular leveling house design interior. At the picture above, the small bedroom coming with the makeshift closet and placed next to the living room that can be divided by the curtains. The use of wooden for poles, framing ceilings and laminate floor are the best use for the house interior.

Bedroom with Simple Decor

This modern house has the gorgeous outside view. As you can see, the architecture encourages the living amidst nature and communicating with it in stunning way. The glazed walls at the top floor gives the beautiful reflection from the trees around. The presence of floating part for the outside space is the smart way to have that part which is at the same time has the roof automatically.

House with Architecture Nature Environment

Special House Architecture with Floor Platforms Idea

Inside the house, you will provide by the stunning house interior that unique designed. There are steps which have the same floor platforms that could be useful for several function. There, the staircase, floor for living room with the dinning table are in the same laminate wooden floor. while, the track lighting and windows wall complete this house beautifully with the white color paint decor.

Interior for Sitting and Eating Platform

For designing the kitchen, the architects coming with the floating desk on the white walls and the minimalist kitchen island which has the extra wooden table for dinning space. the kitchen got the enough lighting from through the windows into the inner space. the use of the same color light-wood makes this living space so comfy and bright.

Kitchen with Floating Desk in Minimalist Look

Awesome House Renovation with Creative Architecture

The extra outdoor space done in wooden floor with the framed pole open ceilings. the firewood storage at the corner with the single swing complete this outdoor space. there, you can have the time to admire the nature outside by enjoying through the swing place. This extra space has the automatically roof at the upside.

Outdoor Deck with Storage Wood and Swing

For some people, having the sauna space inside their house is a must room to have. At the picture above, the sauna fully with clad and light-colored of wood that designed in minimalist look. The use of smooth wooden interior gives the comfy and relaxing feel inside the sauna and it is the perfect place to refresh your mind.

Sauna House with Light Colored Wood Interior

As you can see at the picture above, Sugawaradaisuke finishing this house by creating the different level from different sizes, heights and materials. This house built with the platforms on the various degrees of open, thermal conditions and framed the forest landscape. The goal of this dwelling is to increasing the recent lifestyle of natural landscape through the forest. The use of dark color house theme exterior gives the bold sight from the outside view.

Wonderful Japanese House Architecture with Glazing Unique Creative Floor Platforms