Wonderful House with Indoor-Outdoor Ideas Living Architecture

Here now we want to share about the Australia house design that using the indoor-outdoor living type of architecture. This house is located in the Brisbane that situated on a sloped site around by Eucalyptus tress with the elevated deck with vertical wooden slats. At the picture above, the master bedroom coming with the darker and modifier for a comfortable experience.

Bedroom with Moody Decor

There is a way for you to decorate this house interior by using the pendant lamps. The double height ceilings decorate with the long curved plywood pendant lamps. The design of lamps that suitable with the white color wall paint. By having this lamps, the interior house would looks beautifully decorate in simple way.

Double Height Ceilings Highlighted with Long Curved Plywood Lamps

Modern House Architecture using Indoor-Outdoor Ideas

The modern kitchen done with the black bold color for the cabinet. At the picture, the countertop and backsplash done in black color while the surface applied the white color. at the other side, the medium dine table are added to the backsplash that functioning as the place to eat with the three simple stools. The twin pendant lamps complete this house interior.

Kitchen with Sleek Black Cabinet and Wooden Console Table Kitchen Island

If you are see the living room from the outside view, you will find the house coming with the stunning look. The large transparent windows sliding doors with the black structure for exterior suitable with the use of grey tile flooring outside. The dark brown fur rug with the creamy sofa complete the living room and the modern fireplace.

Living Room with Built-In Fire Place

Indoor-Outdoor House Architecture

The outstanding look for this house would appear in the night. When all the light turned on and the striped wooden exterior would perfectly blend with the golden lighting. The presence of greenery sight around the house would combine very well in the night.

Night Look for Architecture Outdoor Living

This house provide the space where you can have the living room with an open layout. The place where you can relax, read a book or have some chit chat with your beloved person. At the picture above, the simple wooden armchair complete this nook with the large elongated wooden space to let you put things on there such as potted plants or bench as the outdoor furniture. The roof that opened is brings the sun light inside the space.

Welcoming Deck with Wooden Furniture

This dwelling constructed by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture that the house coming with surrounded a courtyard with sliding glass walls that connect the inside with the outside. For housing materials, you may see this house designed with concrete, plywood, wood, stone tiles and even fur for the additional. The furniture house is laconic and modern and it is suitable with striped wooden exterior. The ending result would perfectly win your heart and this place is the worth house to spend time for.

Wonderful House with Indoor-Outdoor Living Architecture