Wonderful House with the Attractive Wood Ceilings Architecture

This time, the Nook Residence offers the virtually blind facade that encourages discovery and piques curiosity. Strategically located in a quiet area of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada. The house that has the windows with the large opening in the white mass and end up beautifully with scenery. At the picture, the bath space is designed in dark colors with the black mosaic tiles for the walls. The wooden dresser with the large elongated sanitary wash looks beautiful with the large mirror and the single windows give the lighting into the space.

Black Mosaic Tile with Dark Color Theme Bath Space

Take a look into the living room with the open space where the glass windows fully decorate the room. the single small black tube fireplace complete this grey-light sectional sofa with the single dark wooden table there. The wooden light-colored ceilings with some spot light makes this living room looks minimalist with uncluttered spaces.

Decor Space with Uncluttered Interior

Gorgeous Nook Residence in Modern Architecture

The use of concrete floor with the reclaimed wood looks so gorgeous for this four bed space. the abstract browny walls and the large windows makes this white beds looks so comfortable. The earthy color gives the beautiful look for this bedroom with the white ceilings up there.

Earthy Color for Stunning Bedroom

The use of wooden ceilings for almost all the living space looks so gorgeous. The dinning set coming with the harsh brown color wooden table with the white chairs around. The white pendant lamp with the glass walls always stunning in simple way without any much decoration.

Greenery Color for Cushion Decor

Architecture for Wood Ceilings House Design

The dark kitchen island for the countertop and the backsplash give the contrast bold color look there. The dark wooden surface kitchen cabinet with the dark kitchen faucet looks suitable. This kitchen has the bar space with several black stools there as the complete package of kitchen.

Interior House with Light-Dark Decor

The attractive space for this house interior coming with the presence of staircase. The dark staircase with the black color and the dark wooden surface looks so adorable when met with the white color walls. This staircase has the protector with the net over that it could be functioning also as the room divider.

Staircase that Functioning as Room Divider

The exterior of this chosen with the white color so it could be blend easily when the winter is coming as the snow. The use of white color exterior looks as a tribute to long Quebec winters. This house clings to the steep terrain and locating towards Lake Memphremagog. The shape of this house coming with two volumes that dynamically bending the merged of the roof at once. The winter landscape totally suit on this house exterior within the architecture.

Wonderful House Cling with the Attractive Wood Ceilings