Wonderful Sculptured Living House Ideas with Cave-Like Modern Villa

The best place as your holiday retreat is now launch. The awesome place where you can feel the magical experience there about modernity or natural landscape. The dwelling is located in Oia at the remote Greek island of Santorini and specially designed by Kapsimalis Architects. At the picture, the bathroom features with a whumsy free-standing sink on small legs. The presence of single small window give the minimalist view to the outside landscape. The single spot lights makes this living room looks stunning.

Bathroom with Whumsy Free Standing Sink

This time, the bedroom coming with the white color paint decoration interior. The bed furniture, appear with the round bed with the built-in shelves and the enclosed bathroom there. The presence of single windows that directly lead to the bathroom is the good one to makes the living space clearer. The white light that shining to the reflection of white color paint walls give the stunning look.

Bedroom in White Decor with Enclosed Bathroom

House with Cave-like Architecture in Outstanding Design

The living room of this house appear with the same color wall paint interior in white. The platform sofa, a chair and grey eye-catchy stone table beautify this room from the furniture. The twin of windows give the cool outside view from the inside. There, the architect using the greenery ideas with potted plants inside the room to makes the fresh look. The classy brown carpet match with the creamy light marble floor.

Living Room with Catchy White Design Interior

Another look for this minimalist bedroom coming with the bright artwork and lots of lights there. The bathroom are open with the storage at the built-in curved walls. The grey bed cover and pillows makes this bedroom looks so comfy with the wall decoration in some color palette. This bedroom didn’t need that much furniture to use while this look is an enough type for bed space.

Master Bedroom with Bright Worksart

There is the special interior house with the large white glass pivot door. The presence of this door give the modern look for the house interior. The curved door that could turn 360 degree and it is the fresh style for housing furniture. This villa is cave-like with all materials done in white color for the decoration.

Modern House Interior with Glass Pivot Door

Beautifully Designed for Cave-like Recent Villa

As you can see at the picture above, the outside view of the house is too way far amazing. The decoration of the terrace coming with natural stone and greenery spots there. The presence of natural stone makes this villa coming like the cave. Then, the unlimited sea view totally mesmerizing your eyes with the tent that complete the outside exterior decor. The outdoor dinning space set with wooden armchair and grey table on the classy carpet.

Terrace with Natural Stone and Greenery Decor

This house project coming with the sliffside place that embracing the views from the exterior courtyard. There is the twisted exterior stairway that connects the two levels of the dwelling. At the picture above, the architect designed the swimming pool with the infinity look that directly lead to the sea. The twin grey wooden lounge complete this outdoor exterior house beautifully.

Wonderful Sculptured Living House with Cave-Like Modern Villa