Wonderful Swimming Pool House with Contemporary Architecture by Hariri and Hariri

This time, there is the outstanding swimming pool house that lies on 365 square maters and located in suburban Connecticut New York based by Hariri and Hariri Architecture. This pool house design to have the greenery environment surrounding the house. As you can see at the picture above, the wooden part using play as the main look for this house exterior. Beside the pool, there are several lounge white as the outdoor furniture to let you enjoy sub bathing there.

Adorable Look for Swimming Pool House

There is the unusual look for this pool house. The main look that appear with an angular archway that parallels the entire length of the lap pool that are made from wood. Some spot lights on the wooden roof beautify this pool in the night. The simple white outdoor chair and table set complete this swimming pool exterior.

Enchanted Swimming Pool House

Wooden Pool House in Modern Architecture Design

When you see the inside of this house. The interior coming with the minimalist kitchen that appear with white countertop and black backsplash. The three cone pendant lamps that hanging on the roof kitchen space. at the other side, the sectional white creamy sofa with rattan furniture  complete the interior part with the transparent rattan table. The use of laminate wood and roof are the best combination. While, the large glass transparent sliding door give the directly view to the pool.

House with Swimming Pool Design

This house is perfect for summer time with your beloved people. The wood architecture mix with the modernity of pool house always mesmerizing. At the picture above, the presence of interior house wood done in minimalist yet still looks so fresh for the design. the pool could give the stunning look for this wooden house.

Pool House in Modern Architecture

When you turn out the light on in this pool house. You will find the wonderful sight there. By some spot lights there that fill up with the glow up swimming pool enrich the amazing look. This archy wooden give the outstanding design that combine wood and modernity at the same time.

Stunning Swimming Pool House

Enchanted Swimming Pool House in Wooden Decor

The use of reddish wooden for archy look in this pool house give the stunning look there. From this angel, we could see the interior house clearly with the sliding door glass transparent windows. The white outdoor furniture also makes this space beautiful and looks wider.

Swimming Pool House Mix with Wooden Architecture

This pool house has the large swimming pool that almost has the same length with the house. The swimming pool framed in white design is suitable with the blue sky up there and makes the stunning reflection. The presence of greenery around this pool house is beautiful with the outside garden beside the pool.

Wonderful Swimming Pool House with Contemporary Architecture