Wondrous Casa 26 House in Modern Curated Art Piece Architecture

This dwelling located on Lake Geneva that called as Casa 26. The house is using the wooden as the most of interior such as ceilings, wall and the grey marble on the floor. The black armchair with the square sofa mattress that fill up this living room. at the other side, there is elongated book shelve in large size in low height. The one side of the wall is using the frames to give the decoration in simple way.

Book Shelve for Decorating Living Room

Take a look into this other angle of the interior living room. the giant windows that has the same height with the walls give the unlimited view of outdoor to let you enjoy the scenery with the sun lighting touches inside the house. This space has the best place with the awesome outdoor view while you were relaxing there.

Giant Windows for Living Room

Contemporary Casa 26 Dwelling Architecture

Coming with the exterior of this house. This dwelling is clad with rust-colored in metal that highlighted with nature around the house. The use of orange color give the fresh look for this house with little bit rusty look. The presence of pool garden give the complete packaging of outdoor look of this house.

House with Clad Colored Metal Exterior

This is the look of the house when see from the different outdoor angle. There is a pond with a metal tub sideline of the house. The external house using pebbles for filled the garden in light color then continue with the greenery grass garden that add with the presence of single large tree and around enrich the look of this house.

Metal Tube for House Architecture Exterior

Curated Art Piece of House Architecture Casa 26

As you can see at the picture above, the curved cool chairs in black shinning color makes this dinning room looks so stylish. There is a room divider that coming in book shelf and this space functioning as another place to seat on the elongated space there. The thick wooden dinning table looks suitable with the walls and roof that use the same material.

Space Divider between Dinning Space and Living Space

This house overlooks the Lake Geneva that provide the awesome view through the large windows. Your summer would perfectly fit with this house. The presence of terrace give the breathtaking view and the foot stage for the outdoor garden.

Terrace with Amazing View of Lake Geneva

When you this dwelling from the front side, you will get the amazing view with the giant windows. This Casa 26 appear with the modern architecture with art overlap that designing with some works of art piece for every decoration. the beautiful reflection makes this house so perfect only for holiday with your beloved people.

Wondrous Casa 26 House in Modern Curated Art Piece