Wondrous Home Extension Architecture with Recent Eye-Catching Design Ideas

This remodels house from the existing modern home with the two-story addition. The named of this residence is the Shou Sugi Ban House where the project is handled by Schwartz and Architecture that inspired by the surrounding sights and textures nature. The black wooden exterior decorating this house in a simple way with the glazing and the extra wooden space in which the architect keeps the tree on there and the design following the tree without touch it.

Dark Ecterior House with Wooden Decor

The grey light-colored tile decorating this bath space for the walls and the floor. The built-in deck for putting your things there. The single transparent door has no extra floor at the outside, so you can only open it as your ventilation at the bathroom.

Grey Tiles Design for Bathroom

Extension House Design for Contemporary Remodel Design

In the picture above, the wooden interior plays important things here. The twin door that leads into the different living space designing in a beautiful way. The horizontal wooden interior direction fills the walls on one side of this space. the minimalist door design completes this stunning look for twin entryway.

Interior Design with Wooden for Twin Doors

The bath space coming with a stunning look at the other side. The large dresser with the built-in double sanitary wash and the large mirror with the lining light each of the mirror sides. The medium built-in bathtub with the built-in deck and the shower at the same place appear as the impressive minimalist bathroom in a smooth grey color theme.

Minimalist Look for Bathroom Interior

Eye-Catchy Extension Home with Modern Architecture

As you can see, the house decorating with the large swimming pool and the greenery plants around it. The outdoor extension space makes this residence so eye-catching so you have a comfortable place to stay. The pool designed in a white edge block exterior that suitable with the use of a black exterior house there.

Pool with Outstanding Exterior Decoration

This house has another space for a bathroom. The wooden desk fills this space for the furniture such as the countertop and the dresser. This space looks like the kitchen because of a lot of space that you can use to store your things.

Tiles Mix with Wooden for House Interior

The architect using the clad traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban where the burnt wood siding for the indoor decoration. the simple yet smart way to make space get natural lighting inside the space with the modern and eye-catchy furniture. The use of natural textures with extensive glazing is important as a part of remodeling a house that hopefully could connect with the nature surrounding perfectly.

Wondrous Home Extension Architecture with Recent Eye-Catching Design Ideas

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