Wondrous Indoor-Outdoor Claremont Residence with Sliding Door Architecture

There is an extension project that named as the Claremont Residence. The house with the greenery around, the clear grid layout that functioning as a part of the architecture. The pre-war suburban house is located in Perth, Australia and finished by David Barr Architect. At the picture above, the extensive glazing give the directly courtyard space that it would like the outside place. Where the built-in fireplace for outdoor type and some trees with the table and chairs set furniture are complete this living space.

Extensive Glazings for Courtyard Home

We are have the distinct spaces that have been distributed externally. The small courtyard with the small terrace as one part. The terrace has the block stone outdoor floor with the comfy furniture set and fireplace. While, at the other side the garden with some rocks and small trees complete the design outdoor.

Glazings Externally Distributed for Distinct Spaces

Claremont Residence with Indoor-Outdoor Architectural

Take a look for the interior house. The kitchen and dinning room coming with the wooden design. the recent style in simple way for every side is truly laconic. The kitchen is coming with the wooden material with the mix of white colors for countertop and backsplash. The elongated wooden dinning table with the high back chairs and the sliding door for glazing gives the awesome look there.

Laconic Interior Decor with Wooden Material

This house designed specially have the outdoor-indoor design that mostly refer to the outdoor just covered with glazing. The architect highlighted this house architecture with the spacious plot residence and landscape that explored by the garden to get the nature views. The outdoor corridor is very helpful to determine that this house belong to the contemporary one.

Outdoor-Indoor Home Spaces

Contemporary Indoor-Outdoor House Furniture with Sliding Door Design

As you can see at the picture, David try to decorate this house interior with the restrained palette that framed the colors with the artwork collection. The single elongated grey sofa with the shining grey floor looks so suitable as your relax space with the glazing sliding door around the sofa.

Restrained Palette for Artwork Collection Decor

Another outdoor space for this house coming from the roof and walls that functioning as the protector for excessive sun lighting. The table and chairs set furniture looks so outstanding for this living outdoor space with some blocks stairs to decorate this part.

Roof and Walls Protect from Excessive Sun

This one is the best angle for you to get fall in love with this residence. The outdoor space looks so spacious complete with the swimming pool at the other side. This house coming with the contemporary indoor-outdoor living space where the owners could enjoy for both purposes. The presence of using sliding doors help the house get the outdoor look from the inside house.

Wondrous Claremont Residence in Australia with Sliding Door Architecture