Wondrous Lakeside Cottage with Black Gabled Roof Deck Architecture

The house with gabled volume coming with cool cottage lakeside and it is constructed by Polish studio HOLA Design. the architecture using the idea of history and folk-art tradition of the places. Appear with the interior house of bathroom that using clad with light-colored wood and the concrete wall one side. The elegant black sink for bathtub looks suitable with the sink on the dark brown desk with the large mirror there.

Bathroom with White Clad Colored Wood Concrete Wall

At the picture above, we could have the outstanding master bed space with the gorgeous view. The bed that placed in the center around and facing directly to the triangular large windows with the black curtains. The classy pendant lamp looks suitable with the double nightstand on the floor. The black bed cover with the pillows straightly beautiful got the outside view.

Bedroom with Center Around Upholstered Bed

Cottage Architecture for Lakeside Type in Modern Gabled Roof

The architects team design the house interior with the same element on the exterior part. At the picture above, the wooden staircase got sculptured with the carved to give the special decoration on the dark wooden material. This staircase has the high holder that functioning as the protector there.

Carved Element for House Interior Staircase

As you know that this cottage is lakeside with the awesome landscape, the architects construct this house with the extra outdoor space. this terrace coming with the harsh dark wooden floor and directly lead to the lake view and greenery around the house. You can see that the house exterior done with transparent glass walls and it gives the special experience to feel.

Glazed Wall with Sliding Door for Outdoor Space

Take a look into the other side of this house. There is the single entrance way that designed beautifully. The clad in black shingles and the front door is using the light-colored wooden that carved as the decoration element. This part has the roof, walls and floor for the sliding door. The pebbles around this place to keep everything so nature and comfy.

House with Exterior Clad Black Shingles in Carved Decor Element

Stunning Lakeside Cottage with Gabled Roof Architecture

Living room always be the best place inside the house to feel warm and relax at the same time. The combination of light-colored wooden roof and walls with the blacks color part for the rest are the excellent combination for making the stunning interior. The single huge pendant lamp give the strong center of interest look there. The black color applied for fireplace, pendant lamps, doors and glazing walls. While, the grey light are for the minimalist sectional sofa with the nature round large wood table.

Living Room with Hearthy Look and Large Tree Stump Table

This cottage has the architecture with gabled volume in aspen shingles that extend across the front facade and almost over the whole roof. The use of black color for the shingles and timber surface to remind the typical cottages of the lakeside area. The traditional pattern carved for outside and inside the house are represented a flower. The use of the golden light beautify this house from the outside view.

House with Exterior Clad Black Shingles in Carved Decor Element