Wood as The Decoration for Recent Coastal Cabin Architecture

Cabin with the custom home design that made specially to get easily blend with the surroundings. At the picture above, the house is constructed by Asante Architecture & Design and located along the coast of Norway. Take a look into the interior house, coming from the bath space using the single large window that directly show the awesome view of the coast with its nature look. The presence of using white walls ceilings tiles and navy tiles floor makes the living space so stunning. The bathtub and single desk built in are the best combination for this bathroom interior.

Bath Space with Amazing View and Interior

House that using the dark wooden exterior is applied the Scandinavian design with some coastal touches. At the picture above, the roof is covered by sedum grass, making it blend further into the landscape around. The architect using Japanese technique of burned wood for the facade for weather treated which needs little care to avoid from the wind and rain. The cube shape of the cabin give the sense of nature there with the greenery.

Dark Wooden Cabin with Scandinavian Design

Coastal House Architecture with Wooden Decoration

Here come the minimalist dinning space that located next to a window so the views are yours while having a meal with your beloved people. As you can see at the picture, the wooden thin dinning table and the black chairs with the single pendant lamp are enough to give the comfortable place for you to eat. The white wooden walls and floor makes this space shining bright with the addition of large windows.

Dinning Space in Stunning Design

The architect choose the simple interior with the light blue color sofa furniture that perfectly for the coastal landscape there. The simple walls lamps and small table looks so minimalist with the unlimited view through the large windows there. The living room that absolutely fit for your relaxing time enjoying coastal nature sight.

Light Blue Interior with View Landscape

Outstanding Coastal Cabin with Current Design

Coming with the stunning design from the architects. The united space that consist of kitchen, dinning room and living room without using any particular room divider. The fresh kitchen appear with the light blue color for the cabinet gives the connection sense between sofa furniture. Even this living space consist of three area, but this space still looks so spacious.

Stunning Dinning Area and Living Room at Once

The sense of hearth brings the comfy in and the waterfront views looks so wonderful and healing to see. At the picture above, the extra balcony with the simple fence makes you feel like at the beach. The large high fireplace keep you warm when you needed.

Waterfront View with Minimalist Space Decor

The house designed with the facade covered with dark weathered wood that could perfectly mix into the harsh Scandinavian nature around. There is the wood storage that appear as the part of exterior decor there. The best way to feel homey with the coastal feel in the cabin architecture.

Wood as The Decoration for Recent Coastal Cabin Architecture