Wooden Decor for Current Architecture Annex Residence

The two volumes house coming with the named Annex that has been completed by DUBBELDAM Architecture as the residential project. This house is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, especially for a young couple. The interior house still uses the wooden as part of the design decoration. the dinning room appears with the large rectangular table with the black sofa armchair low back and the black large pendant lamps as the decor. There is the room divider that made from wooden with the built-in deck that you can put something on there.

Beautiful Wooden Interior House for Dinning Space

The house would perfectly be seen with the dark color theme for the exterior. The use of maroon color for the upper side house and the black color for the ground makes the ending look so bold yet beautiful with the extra terrace. The trees around the house complete this house architecture with the grey dark outdoor furniture there as the complete package of Annex residence.

Exterior Wooden House Look

Annex House with Contemporary Wooden Architecture

The other interior house right now mostly appears with the wooden in light-colored decoration. at the picture above, the built-in fireplace joined in once with wardrobe for living room got some mixed with wooden as the furniture. At the other side, the walls combine with the white and transparent in geometric square rectangular design just like the Japanese culture walls.

Interior Look for Wooden House

The special thing about this bathroom is the presence of glazing in the white color theme room. the grey large tile marble with the sliding door transparent walls windows makes this bath so comfortable with the extra balcony with the wooden fence there. The large oval bathtub with the transparent glass divider shower space looks so outstanding as the part of this bathroom interior.

Open Bath Space with Glazing Interior

Outstanding Wooden Architecture for Recent Annex Residence Look

The bed space designed in a beautiful way with the geometric shape of the white ceilings. the laminate wooden floor still wins this house interior with the white elongated desk and the extra space that could be functioning as the balcony. The windows there help this bedroom become more comfortable with the presence of the sofa as the complete package.

Outstanding Bed Space in White Interior

Almost for all this interior house has the balcony inside the house where you can have the greenery look through the windows. The simple grey dark and light sofa furniture with the double standing lamps complete this comfy living space. the clear ceilings without any pendant lamp for the white color theme space enhance the beautiful design of this room.

Stunning Living Room with Simple Furniture

The outside of this house has the detailed with wood and translucent panels that include built-in seating flanking to the entrance that leads into the dinning room. this house beautifully designed for the simple way of life combine with wooden architecture and modern decoration at once. The greenery around the house looks stunning with the outdoor terrace that you can feel the natural environment directly.

Wooden Decor for Current Architecture Annex Residence

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