Wooden Design for 19th Century House in Contemporary Architecture

Let me take you into the 19th century look for your dwelling. At the picture above, the look of bathroom designed with the dark color theme. The large tiles that construct the walls and floor using the same material. The presence of single windows at the corner makes the living space get the enough sun lighting into this dark room and give the shining look there. The wooden ceilings and the dresser makes this bathroom complete with the built-in shelf at the shower space.

Another Look for Bathroom with Black Concrete Tile Walls

Here, the other look for bathroom with the wooden as the material that dominate this house interior. There, the floor, walls, ceilings and some big shelves are done in natural light-colored wooden. Then, the grey light color complete this interior house for some of walls part. The classy large bathtub with the single rectangular mirror give this bathroom the classy of 19th century look.

Bathroom with Classy Wooden Design

Recent House of Wooden 19th Century Ideas

Another part of this house room that also important is the bedroom. As you can see at the picture above, the presence of wooden ceilings, floor and room divider are clearly to see. The large bed with the grey bed cover and some pillows are decorating this sleeping place beautifully simple. The simple dark brown wooden nightstand with single white lamp there are enough to light up this bedroom in the night. The single square large window absolutely give the excessive lighting into this room.

Bedroom with Spacious Wooden View

This time, the nook that placed on the corner of this house obviously has the simple decoration. the wooden ceilings with some spot lights and single pendant lamp give the stunning look. The wooden chairs and floating desk are the complete package. While, the other side has the elongated space for seat on with some cushions. The presence of single potted plant makes the living room so comfy and fresh with the large open windows.

Corner House with Lighting

19th Century House Architecture for Modern Wooden Design

Next into the other part of this house. The single wooden armchair that face directly with the large window. The fireplace that placed in the corner with the woodbin makes this living space look minimalist and so neatly that the dark color theme give the effect of peace even in limited lightness. The single light right above the chair is enough to give the lighting in the night when the window can’t give the sun light.

Interior with Modern Concrete Danish Oak

The living room with the simple and chic design would be your favorite space in the house. This time, the single elongated grey shine sofa have several cushions with the grey light walls. While, the wooden walls also decorating the space with the built-in shelf there. Several picture frames this living room in stunning way with monochrome type.

Living Room with Grey Shine Sofa Furniture

The kitchen and dinning room always be one package of living space where sometime they are joined together. At the picture above, the black large tile floor makes the kitchen and dinning stuff looks appear clearly. The single elongated windows in narrow size give the kitchen natural sun light inside the space.

Wooden Furniture and Interior with Modern Look