Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc: A Series of Modern Homes with Expansive Hanging Gardens

Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc is a residential and landscape project finished by MIA Design Studio. Located in Vietnam, this collection of modern homes in the country features expansive hanging gardens that provide more privacy for the inhabitants.

Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc

To access each home, there are small covered walkways. Through the walkways, you can get a glimpse of the lush gardens. Once inside, the gardens will look more prominent with lush green plants.

small covered walkways

The design for these expansive hanging gardens was inspired by the courtyards usually seen in traditional Vietnamese homes. Meanwhile, each lodge has a central swimming pool. And most of all, the swimming pool area is surrounded by a lot of lush plants.

inspired by traditional vietnamese houses

The plants are hanging from the rooftop flowing down to the sides of the home. They create greenery curtain in a whimsical atmosphere.

the hanging plants flow from the rooftop

Every house features a living room with a dining and kitchen area in an open layout. Greenery is also incorporated into the interior and this time it’s there to decorate the white walls.

the home open layout interior

The existence of the hanging garden is not only to unify the look around the swimming pool area, but also to offer a sense of privacy for a more private area like bedrooms.

provide a sense of privacy

Inside the bedroom, there’s built-in wood furniture to add more natural elements. The furniture is functioned as a wardrobe as well as a place to sit around and relax.

inside the bedroom

Some bedrooms have a built-in couch and floor to ceiling curtain to offer more privacy if needed.

other bedroom design with built in couch

One of the bathrooms features two separate vanities that perfectly frame the path to the bathtub situated outside. Again, some green plants are seen to decorate the white walls.

bathroom with a separate vanity