Zen Center At Baoguosi Buddhism Temple Designed By Approach Architecture Studio

Baoguosi Buddhism Temple is located in Sichuan Province, around a remote mountain area. The Zen Center’s site is also in the area and it was previously a teahouse built in the 1970s. Both sites are situated between the quiet forests and mountains. It is hidden among the trees so that it won’t break the relationship between the surrounding nature and the buildings.

zen center baoguosi buddhism

Some trees are preserved or transplanted to create a landscape or an inner courtyard. This set up naturally links the site with its environment.

preserved plants to create a courtyard

Preserved from the teahouse, the look of the small courtyard with the rock garden wasn’t changed. But to increase the capacity of the original teahouse, the footprint to the new building was expanded. In return, it forms a large opened-roof terrace intended for the meditation hall on the upper floor.

the meditation hall on the upper level

Due to the difficulties of the transportation for the heavy-duty construction machinery and materials, the architecture team decided to go with a wooden truss system to the glazed gable roof.

a wooden truss system

The wooden truss system was made of small laminated bamboo rods from the local area.  They can be easily connected by workers without the help of a mechanical machine. Each bamboo rod sized only 2 cm x 4 cm for the cross section, but the rods are as strong as steel to realize over 12 meters large span.

small laminated bamboo rods for the wooden truss system

This post-free space offers a unique yet serene meditation experience in the traditional Buddhism Temple. It is to house young educated laymen to learn the basic of Buddhism.

the inside of the meditation space

Meanwhile, the forests and the sky create a relaxing vibe, especially when they are in the area that is close to nature. The traditional Buddhist Temple usually emphasizes that for its meditation space.

meditation hall that close to nature